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Ordo Caper | Interview

Ordo Caper, a sick and twisted duo from Costa Rica, are pumping out some of the most raw and primitive black shit I’ve laid ears on in a while.

An extensive list of bands from that neck of the woods doesn’t readily spring to mind so perhaps these lads are on their own, proudly and loudly flying their goatly flag on the Central American isthmus.

Their apparent isolation doesn’t seem to have stopped them making numerous connections within the death and black metal world but at this early stage they have yet to really make a name for themselves. It feels like their time might be creeping ever closer, however, with a brace of impressive splits and an album in the works.

Andy Cunningham gave them a shout to get the heads up.


I recently came across your band via an email from Dunkelheit Productions who released your split with Anal Vomit.

I was immediately taken by the strange and enigmatic painting on the cover and checked out the sample (which was a Goatlord cover). This is some weird noise you are making.

It’s raw, filthy and unpredictable. In that regard it ties in beautifully with the artwork, actually. Tell us about your motivations and plans for Ordo Caper.

‘What motivates us is to create the most insane and weird Music possible.

That is exactly the main force behind our music besides the constant attraction towards magic and self-growth.

Now regarding this specific work, Anal Vomit has been a loyal and great contact for over ten years so when we dealt this split, we knew we had to make something really good out of it.
So you will see eventually on the CD and vinyl release more arts that were provided by Anal Vomit actual illustrator and drummer, Joe Hoyle’.

What is the meaning behind the band name?

‘Ordo Caper means Goat Command in Latin, and pretty much it is a portal into different states of energy!’

Another demo I have been spinning lately is the promising debut by Germans, Vitriol, and I think there are certain similarities we could draw between the two in terms of approach, even if both bands sound quite distinct.

I like that you veer away from the overtly traditional or obvious and allow a portion of chaos to seep in around the edges.

Is technique important to you – does it take a certain skillset or a certain type of mentality to be able to create music this unorthodox?

‘Technique is very important to us of course, otherwise we would not be able to create such difficult / weird riffs and structures so definitely you need some good imagination to come across great riffs and make a great song out of it.

Now something that we were looking for was a drummer that can execute what we need, that has happened just now in 2016 with Vorago. He is a great drummer that is creating some great drum patterns’.

Please tell us something about the concepts you use in your lyrics. Is there some overall theme at work or is each song treated as a new story?

‘Most of our songs are inspired from certain energy flowing around, we don’t just write lyrics and songs, there is a time for everything. We follow the organic and natural way of expression that is the way we make our magik flow’.

V666 from Deiphago adds some vocals to the cover of ‘Acid Orgy’ and his manic approach really works nicely with the deeper gutturals you tend to use.

How did this collaboration happen? Do collaborations help enrich a band’s sound and what other artist do you think could add to your sound?

‘V666 and Sidapa from Deiphago have always been really interested on our work. Actually Ordo Caper began after they personally asked us to create a band especially, since there were no real bestial bands in Costa Rica. UNTIL NOW!!!

So the collaboration simply happened after I asked for some help, and well in those days Joe Frankulin (Goatlord) had killed himself and that was the main motivation for V666 to join us as some kind of a Ritual made to Goatlord´s loss.

Sure having more artists join for a song or a specific work should enrich a band, I mean I have many musician friends in several different musical genres and it is awesome when you have many thoughts coming from such diverse people.

We were thinking about having Rok (Sadistik Exekution) sing their own song, which we cover (Sadistik Elektrokution), but it was too expensive to do this, so we did not proceed.

At the moment we don’t have any future contributions from any artists, we are however using some non-metal music to create a couple of songs, such as Igboddu, which was created after some Latin big bands inspiration’.

I really want to talk about the artwork. Who made it and what does it represent? I really admire the balls it takes to step away from the typical demonic angle that so many other bands use and to go for something colourful, bizarre and surreal like you have done here.

Is it important to follow your own path and buck current underground trends? What do you think the artwork says about your music? Do you believe in the transportive power of art, both in terms of music, fine art, literature etc. or do these things matter to you?

‘Dāniyyêl R’lyeh (Ordo Caper guitarist) is the artist behind our covers and back up art. I mean generally he is I charge of this area, we also have another artists such as Rok who has provided us with two or three of his paintings for us and also for an eventual Rok / Ordo Caper split that is about to be released at any moment.

Now regarding about using this kind of art in Metal, we believe that creating something original has more value than trying to copy or follow other tendencies, so with this we simply say Fukk Off to those shitty bands that try to have some great art, but the band remains shitty and gives nothing new to the metal scene’.

From looking at your Facebook page it seems that Bestial Burst were originally supposed to release the split. What happened there?

That label seems like a really perfect fit for Ordo Caper with its roster of noisy weird black metal bands.

You could even say there are some Finnish elements in your sound. Which bands from there interest you and what happened with that collaboration?

‘Sami from Bestial Burst is one of our best options, he is still interested in releasing this however there have been some delays. And I think the same way, Bestial Burst is one sick label and we are glad he is interested on working with us.

I hope to have more news about this in the next following months. And from Finland well of course Beherit, Impaled Nazarene and maybe a couple more’.

Are you happy to continue to use a stripped down production on future releases? Do production values matter much to you at all or is it more important to remain noisy and loose?

‘No we are not happy with bad or stripped down productions, I have to mention that for the ‘Haspu’ EP and the ‘Sonus Satus’ demo the productions were really limited on money and also we did not have a fast or metal drummer, so we had some difficulties there.

Production is definitely important, no matter how noisy or heavy you want to be, you need to have a qualified person doing the software work, mix and master so there is a high quality product.

No matter how rough it sounds, there must be someone trying to make it sound more professional. We are trying hard so we can get more professional works, so for sure we want to improve that specific area since we are a band that has no monetary support.

Clearly in order to make a great recording there are also some important expenses’.

What is the impetus in playing this kind of music? It will only reach a very small number of people, you will be snubbed as being elitists by most and you will never become rich off the back of it! What drives you?

Why does the world need more noisy tunes committed to tape and what do you feel you add to an already bloated metal scene?

‘We are elitists (metal wise). We dislike general metal followers. We are here for those who are really into the REAL DEAL SHIT EXTREME METAL!!!

Besides that we dedicate ourselves to this since we were born to create bestial tunes for sick motherfuckers who can find a new band that still brings the old school sound back to life.

And well, every artist needs to look for the best way of expression and distribution. We like old formats (tape, vinyl) since it is for certain listeners; in this case we are dedicated to the metal collector, those that want to have GoatPenis, Sadistik Exekution and Goatlord covers coming from a new band that can kick some serious ass!’

What can you tell us about the forthcoming splits with Rok and Obeisance?

‘Both bands are good friends with us for many years now, they both agreed on working a split.

Obeisance was brought to subject when talking it over with Daniel and eventually with V666 and Sidapa from Deiphago (Hailz Filipino Antichrist – Satan Cult Baphomet) as they thought Ordo and Obeisance are not so far away on sound or approach. So I talked to Martin and Evil Onit about it they both liked the idea so we went for it.

This Split is titled ‘Annihilation Fist’, and it was released by Signal Rex(tapes) and Ah Puch Records/ Obsculum Cruentum Prods(Cds). It includes two tracks per band.

Rok and Sadistik Exekution specially have always been a huge influence for Ordo so we thought it would kill to have something going on with them. Since Rok was doing some art for us in that time, Daniel just asked if he was interested.

He re-mastered some songs, from previous works and we did it, both works highly recommended for the real deal sick metal heads.

This Split is titled ‘Poles Apart United by Chaos’ and it’s being release by Headsplit Records(tapes), Recollection Records (on 12″ vinyl) and Blasphemous Arts( on CD).

It´s been really crazy how this splits have been spawned and we are really looking forward as it is a real achievement for the band to be working with such legends!’

You seem to be well connected within the black/death scene, judging by these various associations. How have these connections been made? Have you played in other bands in the past?

‘Well, connections and all of our close friends and relationship with bands, labels, distros, or mainly metal related, have always been natural, or maybe someone gave me a contact and we started that way. Now we also implement some tactics when we need certain help, from magik, to simply doing what is needed.

I did have a couple of bands in the past like Hades Infernal which was my first band ever back when I was barely fifteen or so.

Then I tried some pornogrind as a drummer but creating most of vocals, guitars and bass lines on Sodocunt. Both were bands with really fucked recordings that have never been released’.

You have amassed a number of releases in a short time, which indicates to me that you are quite prolific writers. Would it be correct to assume that you are sticking to shorter EP length releases as a sort of preparation for a full length?

Do you feel you are still searching for your own unique sound before committing to an album and what sort of changes can we expect when you do release one?

‘First of all thank you man, we had worked hard on these releases through the years; doesn’t matter if it was a demo or an EP, we always look to do the best we can and will keep it that way.

Of course it takes time for a band to improve and get a solid sound, the basic idea for the sound of the band has been the same, we have used different equipment through the recordings, some better than others…

The next step shall be a full length. Like you said, we have some EPs and demos around, and now the time has come to gather up in an album all the foul and bizzare sounds we´ve been doing. All I can tell you is that this album is gonna be a real sick FVKKEN madness!!!

It should be ready in some months and we have the biggest plans for this work about to happen’.

Interview by Andy Cunningham ::: 08/01/17

  1. This band is insane! i got their split with Anal Vomit, it is some massive work! V666 from Deiphago doing vocals for Ordo Caper cover on Acid Orgy, best cover EVER!

  2. Eoin McLove Says:

    Yeah it’s nasty stuff. Looking forward to the full length.

  3. Alcoholic bastard Says:

    This guys are also working with Austral Holocaust Records from Peru releasing Rok/Ordo Caper Split. Fukking hellish works from these South American Hordes!

  4. Sickofitall! Says:

    SHIIIIITT! this is some Loud Noise Death Metal! Hate it or Love it, no in between!

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