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The Metal Insight Podcast #31

PODCAST: Dayal Patterson's journey through Black Metal

The past is a scribe!

Many of us grew up with ‘Lords Of Chaos’ – the go-to book on Black Metal.

But that was a long time ago. And cool as it was, it didn’t even really go into the actual music.

This was something that Terrorizer and Metal Hammer writer Dayal Patterson sought to put right.

Over the last seven odd years, he’s now written a clutch of books that document exhaustively and excitingly the musicians and eccentricities that go into making this most special artform.

He’s written at incredible length – over half a million words now, by his own reckoning – having interviewed hundreds of the personalities, both key and obscure, about what went into their records.

They’ve opened up to him in a way that they haven’t to others. Proof of the purity of his effort.

The result have been a rake of essential books on the genre.

So take some time out to listen to this podcast with MI and Dayal, where we chew over exactly what makes these musicians the people they are.

And of course, get the books. You can find them at

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  1. Great listen. Going to have to pick up those books.

  2. I can’t understand the attraction of these books .even immortal would cringe at the cover for fuck sake .

    His distro is just as lame with the craps shirt designs and limited certificates of authenticity.

    Riding on the coat tails of the cult would be a more fitting title .

  3. pentagrimes Says:

    Have you read them at all? The lad actually knows his shit and writes very well. Wouldn’t pay much mind to the cover or the tshirts.

    Looking forward to giving this a spin

  4. The importance of MH mag as a gateway is well put here. Hearing him say it reminded me of myself as a teenager, buying MH for the more commercial bands I knew and it leading me onto the back pages that were dedicated to more underground bands. The ease of access today is definitely more overwhelming than having something to steer you in a particular direction and take a punt on ‘band x or y’, whether you liked them or not in the end up.

  5. DuckyDoodleFace Says:

    “I can’t understand the attraction of these books .even immortal would cringe at the cover for fuck sake”

    A band decked in panda get up would cringe at the image of a guy decked in panda get up?

    I don’t get it…

    Never read any of his books but remember the name well from Terrorizor. Always enjoyed his writing.

  6. The link leads to a 404 error, but I’d love to own the book.

  7. ^ The correct link for the book page is

  8. Good point anonymous.

  9. Eoin McLove Says:

    Fuck it. I just bit the bullet and dropped €85 on the complete set.

  10. Enjoyed that while driving to Dub this evening, nice on Ciaran. I have the BM book, only starting it now. Others sound interesting to maybe ick up too and looking fwd to a Greek one!

  11. Cheers, glad you got it on a drive, I know it was one of the longer ones. Just on that question – do you guys all want sub 30 mins or are you happy to let them run a bit?

  12. If it’s a genuinely interesting piece (like the one above) then let it flow for as long as needed. If not, 30 mins will do.

  13. Eoin McLove Says:

    The content should decide the length. If you have forty minutes or even an hour of interesting material it makes little sense to edit it down.

  14. Beethovenheadbager Says:

    Great interview!
    Thank you for the great work and I will definitely get those books.

  15. Enjoyed that.

  16. Good stuff.

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