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Kreator | ‘Gods of Violence’

Nearly five years since ‘Phantom Antichrist’, the Teutonic thrash legends give us ‘Gods of Violence.’

Quite a bold title, which conjures up visions of unrelenting brutality. Does this match what’s on record?

‘Apocalypicon’ is the instrumental intro that will undoubtedly open the live shows from now on. A militaristic drum beat with a elevated guitar lead and choir voices, it is both ludicrous and somewhat stirring. Not quite ‘Choir of the Damned’, but does the job.

‘World War Now’ is very much in the same mould as the last few Kreator releases: still clearly rooted in thrash, but polished to perfection and the Gothenburg Sound influence very much evident (indeed, the middle eight sounds like Arch Enemy). While undoubtedly exciting to those who like their metal clean, crisp sounding and melodic, to these ears it’s unmemorable and rather derivative.

‘Satan is Real’ is a real juxtaposition: melodic thrash over lyrics like “Let the clarion listen / Among the wolves / We’ll eat the pack / There’ll come a day / When no man shall survive / In this graveyard of desire / In due time you’ll realize.”

If sound tracked with a riff along the lines of ‘Total Death’ or even ‘Burst Command ’til War’ by Sodom, we could be talking about a real beast of a song. As it stands, it’s another song for Metal Hammer readers.

And, truthfully, that’s all you need to know about how the songs sound.

I have played the album five times while writing this review and, every time, I find myself being unable to distinguish tracks. Which makes writing a review difficult: if there were awful moments, it would be easier to write about. But an insipid stupor of nothingness? That makes the task more challenging.

Undoubtedly, the playing and production are top notch, but there is nothing memorable about this record at all for listeners of a certain age and/or interest in underground music.

Taken purely at face value, it’s a sturdy, no frills modern metal album that will undoubtedly appeal to younger metal fans and people who picked up on Kreator via 2001’s ‘Violent Revolution’ who will argue that this is a natural progression from the albums that followed it. Which it clearly is in that the albums have become progressively blander since then.

For others, just stick with the 80’s output.

1.5 / 5 -Christopher Owens ::: 22/01/17

  1. Spot on review. These guys have become painfully safe.

    As far as thrash metal goes Kreator = Pleasure to Kill etc. Primitive raw thrash. This is clean, safe and fucking bland.

    I actually would prefer to listen to their 90’s output over this, where they tried a few different things and incorporated different styles/sounds into their music. At least they were trying something.

  2. When I listen to the first few albums I find it very hard to tell the songs apart, they don’t really do a lot for me. Much more a fan of their later output

  3. The very epitome of ‘Professional Metal’. Coming soon to a variety of festival stages near you this summer.

  4. Phantom Antichrist was a spectacular album. The few that preceded it were samey for me, not so great – but PA was a real surprise – very good album.

    But what Ive heard of this new one so far wasn’t great. I look forward to hearing it, but am nervous about some of the reviews Ive ready that mention something of a return to the late 90’s style that they had which was pretty piss poor with a few exceptions.

  5. King Hostile Says:

    Threading water since violent revolution?

    Love the “Metal Hammer” Readers quote! Your also right with the Arch Enemy comment – well on the last few albums anyway.

    Admittedly I haven’t heard the new album just the song above. But have the CD on the way as of Friday.

    …will give it a fair listen too.

  6. Thought the Metal Hammer reader comments were embarrassing meself, needless to know the reviewer sees himself above a particular rag…that’s deadly of him.

    Anyways not swayed by what I’ve heard so far and this review doesn’t change the outlook despite being more a fan of the newer stuff Enemy of God being my favourite (hope thats OK).

  7. Martin Wyer Says:

    What does Eoin Mcbollix think though?

  8. He probably thinks your a cunt anyway to start off with

  9. Martin Wyer Says:


  10. i dunno. it is shit and not shit at the same time. so it is zero i suppose.

  11. Eoin Mcbollix Says:

    It is the best album I’ve ever heard. I’m going away now to put it into some sort of list.

  12. What i would really like to know is what Tommy Victor would make of all of this

  13. Eoin McLove Says:

    I’d like to publicly apologise to poor little anonymous Martin Wyer whose terrible band I obviously said were shit and whose delicate feelings I hurt in the process. Here’s the deal, you stop making music and I’ll stop saying it’s shit.

  14. Slit your guts Says:

    Please tell us what band he’s in!! PLEASE!!! ??

  15. The last few albums have been very good from what I’ve heard of this it sounds decent looking forward to hearing the full album , review seems a tad harsh I also love the early albums but would kreator be selling out the academy if they hadn’t changed there sound it always seems when a band goes more commercial there suddenly shite don’t understand that metal Hammer comment myself either

  16. Snitchgruber Says:

    Why not just change the name of this site to

  17. a bold new troll is born

  18. brianwilliams82 Says:

    Martin W and Sedgebeast’s comments are spot on. This is more sterile than a bottle of Milton. The first Kreator album that I’ll definitely not be buying. Lazy fucking shite altogether yet the name on the box will ensure it’ll sell and keep the band high on festival bills for the next 2 or 3 years and that’s what it’s all about. Pure product and nothing else.

  19. I think in production terms they’ve done well on things like the double kick, which it must be said is pretty hammering. And the vox as usual. Its just the solos, the harmonies, the attitude… so clean you could eat your dinner off it.

  20. Gotta say, I gave it a spin today and I think its insanely good.

    I love all the harmonies and melodic soloing.

    I understand its not what some people want from Kreator but I really dig it.

    i love all the classic 80s Kreator albums but also really enjoy the post Violent Revolution records also. I second the love for Enemy of God posted above, probably my favorite album along with Pleasure To Kill.

  21. Really getting into this now. Great album for the most part. It’s production suits it. Gorgeous lead guitars on here. Drums probably edited like mad but Ventor sounds great and overall a cool release. Totalitarian terror is a cracker.

  22. greaterfool Says:

    I like it too. Quite like everything they’ve ever produced, why start objecting now?

  23. Martin Wyer Says:

    “Quite like everything they’ve ever produced”

    Eh, not really. I associate and like the band because of the brand of primitive raw thrash metal they released earlier on in their career. I’ve no problem with a band evolving, and enjoyed some of their 90’s output but since Violent Revolution the band have been producing “safe” “commercial sounding” records with little variability between them in a concerted attempt to appeal to the festival market. It’s horrendous stuff.

  24. King Hostile Says:

    ….These reviews are “Like a runaway combine harvester in a field of crippled rabbits!”

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