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Morta Skuld | ‘Wounds Deeper Than Time’

Morta Skuld are a Milwaukee Death Metal act from the 90’s, reformed a few yeras ago after having split to form a nu-metal band named 9mm Solution in 1998.

‘Wounds Deeper Than Time’ sounds very much as though they’re carrying on with the traditional US Death Metal sound from that era, using bands such as Malevolent Creation and Cannibal Corpse as inspiration with some added groove.

So there’s not much to really separate their sound from anything that’s been available for the last 25 years.

A solid performance is given vocally by Dave Gregor, containing a decent bite and an intense focus on enunciation, so there’s no reason to reach for the inlay or search the internet for lyrics.

Unfortunately, in this case, that’s not necessarily a positive.

The lyrics, while at least not following the usual gore-obsessed or silly anti-Christian lyrics you would expect from this type of Death Metal, are relatively poor and oftentimes angsty.

‘Hating Life’ in particular is cringeworthy, with ‘I will get through this HATING LIFE’ being parroted far too often.

‘Devour The Chaos’ suffers from the same issue, with the likes of ‘I see your mouth moving as you swallow the sun / You won’t devour my happiness.’

It’s very apparent that the lyrics could have been written for their previous nu-metal project and it just doesn’t sit well with this type of music.

Bass Concerns

The guitars and drums are tightly synchronised and punchy, but the playing of each is ultimately predictable and a little tiring if you expect something more.

There are at least two moments in which a bit more thought has been put into the guitars through the outros to both opener ‘Breathe Into The Black’ and finisher ‘Becoming One Flesh,’ both reminding of Death and Immolation without outright sounding like either.

The real standout performance is with the bassist, AJ. There are times when he shows some excellent lead bass playing, particularly with his noodling in ‘In Judgment’ and ‘Devour The Chaos.’

On the whole, ‘Wounds Deeper Than Time’ makes for a well constructed but rather uninteresting listen. The audio production in particular is excellent, with the bass frequencies having real heft.

This should appeal to those already into the 90’s US Death Metal formula, but it won’t be something you’ll be able to separate from the plethora of albums you’ll already be into for the most part, and likely not something you’ll take over the best this subgenre has to offer.

There’s some potential in Morta Skuld to do some very interesting things in the future based on their musicianship, but the lyrical content really needs an overhaul.

2.5 / 5 – Ricardo Angelone ::: 27/02/17

  1. Death Metal ~ Nu-Metal ~ Death Metal

  2. AntonArcane Says:


  3. paul mcloughlin Says:

    Ok,so nothing new.But if like me you liked them first time round (long before nu-metal) you will enjoy this very much so.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Played As humanity fades and dying remains to death back in the day, MA and Baphomat were great, when I was 16, but why the fuck would they bother now with this shit?

  5. John Kimble Says:

    “There’s some potential in Morta Skuld to do some very interesting things in the future based on their musicianship”

    Surely any band that has been around since the 90’s should have realised their potential a long long time ago. File under also-rans.

  6. Morta Shkuld Says:

    Wounds deeper than eggs

  7. Not sure I’d reach for this, but their debut Dying Remains sounds as fresh and pulverising today as it did back in ’93…so maybe thats all the Morta Skuld I need in my life!

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