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Ester Segarra

● Are live photos 'fake' now?
● How to get the perfect band pic
● Snapping Burzum, Mesuggah, Watain

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The Metal Insight Podcast #33

Behind the mask: Mortiis tells us what its like to take crap and to persevere

And how Euronymous gave him Ultravox

For about two decades we’ve known him as the pointy eared one.

The curious creature at the fringes of black metal, with the long nose and the bat wings.

But who is the man behind the mask? And what shit has he had to take to just be himself?

In this podcast we meet Havard Elefson, who is that man.

Brutal Realist

We talk of growing up with Emperor in Telemark, Norway.

Of how Euronymous had an unknown but real appreciation of dark electro music – introducing Mortiis to Ultravox, of all things.

Havard tells us of the moutains of abuse he’s taken from the press over his costume; and about the difficulties of battling for recognition in a much changed musical landscape.

He’s brutally honest in this – there’s certainly no hiding behind a character. You might find his realism surprising, in fact.

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  1. Jayzus put the mask back on, all is forgiven!!! ;)….musically, he was never my thing, kinda like dani filth’s embarrassing step brother. And even if the music was good, you couldn’t take the poor chap seriously in that get up.

    On the plus side, its great to have another podcast to listen to on my journeys, so cheers to MI. And ole Mort deserves serious respect for his part in the beginning of the whole black metal thing also.

  2. that was another good one. was pretty taken with mortiis back in the 90s, ‘Ånden som gjorde opprør’ and up to the Stargate, i really wanted like that one but Sarah Jezebel Deva ruined it for me, every bloody song had her..

  3. I love the ambient stuff .not a fan of disco rock .

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