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Obituary | ‘Obituary’

Obituary’s biggest task at this point isn’t to write a record as memorable as either ‘Slowly We Rot’ or ‘Cause of Death’.

It’s to release anything that’s worth revisiting or, for that matter, even recalling since those albums.

They’ve felt like a tribute band to themselves for over 20 years and there’s no sign of this ever changing. They’re clearly settling into their mould as well as their mold.

Any other 90’s Death Metal act that has remained even somewhat relevant up to this point has at least altered their sound in some way along their path – even the often criticised Cannibal Corpse and Deicide – yet Obituary remain the same as ever.


36 minutes on paper seems like a great total running time for a Death Metal album, but listening to this feels much, much longer.

Add another 24 minutes and you probably have the total length of time it took to put any thought into recording this too.

Most of the riffs here are completely throwaway and, worse yet, repeated far too often. The awful opening to ‘Betrayed’ is a good example of this, echoing through the rest of the song and then pointlessly restarting after a false finish, only to end shortly after anyway.

The only real effort shown is through some standard and generally uninspiring guitar solos, injected into tracks to give the impression that a majority of sections aren’t copied-and-pasted.


An absolute minimum amount of work has been done here on Obituary’s part, which is utterly expected.

If they enjoy doing this, they’re doing a terrible job of convincing us.

The guitars, bass, drums and vocals are all just present and absolutely nothing more.

I can’t say with confidence that this will appeal to anybody outside of their hardcore fanbase, willing to accept a turd with an Obituary logo on it, which has been made all the easier for them seeing as it’s the only fucking thing on a cover that appropriately says all it needs to about this band.

The first few lyrics to ‘Turned To Stone’ read like there’s a hint of self-awareness via a vague cry for help:

‘I will find out in time
Which way turns you back to a shell of silence
Back to a shell of former self’

Also, there’s something absolutely incredible about listening to John Tardy constantly yelling ‘Please end it now!’ and it’s the only time I’ve ever felt a connection with this band.

1 / 5 – Ricardo Angelone ::: 31/03/17

  1. Utter garbage.

  2. King Hostile Says:

    Ouch! Slammed! The ref is counting on two hands now!

  3. The best thing about this album is that it’s review got that fucking horrid Phramakon artwork relegated to the arse end of the page.

  4. BobbyTheBuzz Says:

    Excellent review….Really sums up the state of this band nowadays. Pathetic.

  5. I REALLY don’t care!

  6. paul mcloughlin Says:

    frozen in time was about as dull as it gets and things never got any better after that.pity i loved this band up to 94-95

  7. good review, 1 out of 5 maybe too generous

  8. Savage! But accurate!

  9. Glen Benton Says:

    Those guys are doing a serious amount of ass kicking rocking and a rollin’ on that album!! To the reviewer…Rock out with your cock out and you’ll enjoy it more!!

  10. Ricardo Angelone Says:

    Sorry guys, i gave it another couple of listens and it’s actually better than i thought so i now give it 4 / 5

  11. King Hostile Says:

    …dear Obituary members I didn’t mean to kill your children. Sorry about the heartache of the last few weeks. I have now, by the hand of god changed my mind an reanimated them!

    Along with my thoughts on your new album!

  12. Obituary is a band where pretty much everyone can agree you might make a semi decent 8 track album out of the whole of their back catalogue post the first two. The first two were of a time and deserve their place among the classics, sadly what came after, and especially since the come back, is sonic somnambulance taken to the Nth degree.

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