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Animator | ‘The Venom Within’

Getting through the backlog is a shitter, and so massive apologies to Animator for taking so long to get to this one.

It’s important that we do.

With the revival thrash thing having somewhat peaked – indeed jumped a shark or two – it’s a case of bring the quality or go home.

Four odd years ago, when this type of thing was rather more current, their demo was impressive, and so it shouldn’t be a surprise that they’ve built on that and upped their game with this one.

Part of what’s cool about what’s cool about their chunky thrash is the vocals. In both the structuring, the melody and the personality, they’re really on point.

Take a track like ‘The Venom Within’. The band dont feel the need to go at 100mph and lark about – it’s a considered, moreish and deeply groovy track that reminds of Suicidal Tendencies more than anything in those fat guitar tones.

‘Sticks And Stones’ doesn’t race either – again the band have the confidence to slow down and just throw their weight around.

The quality of the production is outstanding, with the warmth of the bass tone that opens ‘Throwing It Away’ showing you just how much craft has gone into it.

There could be a bit more colour from the lead guitar. Though the actual lead breaks themselves are fine, I do feel that some melodies and harmonies would have enlivened these tracks a little more throughout – as it stands the tracks are straight chunky rhythm guitars with little (in fact no) adornment.

It would just add an extra layer of immersion into the music.

Other than that it’s hard to criticise, given the solidity of the performances and the general feeling of gusto throughout the performance – the format itself being so thoroughly well established, at least they’re good at it.

3.7 / 5 – Earl Grey ::: 05/04/17

  1. Hang the fuck on here – aren’t these lads from Waterford?

  2. Their FB says New Ross / Dublin.

  3. Jaysus thats very well done. Not a thrash fan at all but fair play to them, they’ve nailed it!

  4. i think i saw them at the siege and they were ripping. They don’t have the novelty feel or the overt technicality-to-the-point-of-boredom buzz , good job!

  5. …competent musicians no doubt but heard it a thousand times before at the stage.

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