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Neamhní | ‘Vermin’

It’s been interesting to observe over the last year or two how Irish bands have now moved quite far past traditionally styled black metal.

Instead we boast a clutch of bands who may have of course have their roots in it, but who’ve moved into far more individual expressions of it.

So when a band leaps up in trusty old panda paint, playing a determinedly grim style of BM whose apex was around the turn of the millennium, one’s inclined to think of it in slightly quaint terms.

Well not quaint exactly, because to their credit Neamhní’s tone is so very much thicker than the usual raspy forgettables, and harder, too.

But still. Given all the exciting and in some cases mesmerising developments going on in black metal aligned outfits today, it just seems old hat by comparison.

Still, this band have much to offer. Indeed the first and most obvious sonic reference point that presents itself is Gehenna from around ‘WW’, or perhaps 1349 without the outrageous speed. Yes, Gehenna is prominent here: and that’s not something you hear too often, particularly out of a Belfast band.

As I mentioned, the guitars are impressively thick and powerful. What’s best though is the pounding enthusiasm of the drums, which speed along with weight and character, adding good tinkling on the bell of the cymbal here and there.

There are clear references to Mayhem in ‘Carnun’ with that low sung Atilla style intonation under the rasping, and I suppose Marduk’s mid-period, highly aggressive approach (or maybe the singer just looks like B-War) has been formative to this band too.

‘Entities Unknown’ brings a hint of Celticism to things not so much in the music but in that familiar swing beat; it’s ok, and probably better live than on record.

The much more attacking ‘Life Abandoned’ brings things back to form though with some searing fast sections and a much more ravishing approach. Again, good bell work on the cymbal really creates a sense of merauding speed.

It’s hard to be more descriptive given the absolutely orthodox nature of the sound, straight out of the BM text books. They’ve got the balls to play fast and hard, the sound is clear, and they’re putting themselves all out there with the corpsepaint look. So credit where it’s due.

It’s absolutely the least original thing in the world, but they deliver it with vim and a decent musical nous – that certainly raises them above the usual BM wannabe fayre.

Still though, with such a dyed in the wool sound and look (the cover art is just absolutely lacking), I’m just not sure how they separate themselves musically or conceptually from the masses. Perhaps the end of ‘Life Abandoned’ hints at promise there, with its elevated finish that at times recalls Behemoth’s ear for grandeur; but this is stock stuff, despite how well its executed.

3.1 / 5 – Earl Grey ::: 13/04/17

  1. This takes me back to the 80s very intense which is the way i love it reminds me like a bit of Venom , but great that they are from my country. Seems to be picking up again, im finding myself goin to a lot of 30th anniversary tours GREAT

  2. Thanks for the review man!

  3. Eoin McLove Says:

    Had a listen to them the other day and my impressions were similar. Overall a good enough production behind it and it certainly shows promise for the future if not quite there yet in terms of identity and originality. I’d suggest they start looking to stamp their own identity on their chosen style. Also, change the logo… It’s very poor.

  4. Yeh, logo gives off a more ‘brutal DM’ vibe than BM tbh, not bad gear tho.

  5. open face surgery Says:

    Ya, tis cool enough alright.

    Going to the extent of wearing corpse paint and then wearing a band shirt seems ridiculous to me.

  6. oh aye, Belfast BM, i’m all for that
    promising enough that

  7. Does the singer remind anyone else of B War?

    Just me?

  8. Desedcration Says:

    A Napalm Death shirt?

  9. Anonymous Says:

    wah wah… the black metal band arent wearing the clothes i want them to… fuck off

  10. Eoin McLove Says:

    I think the lower register sort of Atilla-ish vocals are 100 times more interesting than that screamed ones and might give the lads a more interesting edge if developed a bit more.

  11. They remind of that band was it Nocturnal Holocaust was it?, but with a worse look… and even worse isn’t the worst but not something I’d listen to

  12. Anonymous Says:

    You guys are pricks some band release a decent video and you guys are worried about their clothes haha go get lifes you guys probably had to know what color your granny’s underwear was before you ate her cooking

  13. A “decent” video won’t get a band anywhere, and I would hardly call it decent… Just somewhat pro like footage of them playing live. To be honest there is not much different to what these guys wear on stage than the band Repugnant, but go look at a Repugnant live video and then you will realise why these guys look so bad.

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