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Debridement | ‘Vomited Forth From The Earth’

G-movie horror sample. Chunky scopped guitar riff. A few cymbal snaps. An insane drum blast. Then it starts: BREEEEEEE BRREEEE NYUK NYUK NUYK BREEEEE!

As I’ve said before, I’m not going to pretend to be into or even understand the microscene this record comes from. I found these kinds of song titles retarded even as a teenager and I can’t even conceive of what makes people want a record collection full of them – and that’s the charitable side of it.

Once in a while, there’s a certain titillation for this kind of gear. Say for example when the first Sublime Cadaveric Decomposition was out, with that amazing art, or every so often reaching back for Avulsed. But that’s it.

Nonetheless I’ve been clear before that Connor Brown’s efforts are audible in the sheer detail of both Debridement and Oncology’s material.

As with last time, the guitars have some pretty demanding riffs going on here, while the drum programming is amongst the very best I’ve ever heard. The variety, detail and touch in the snare work is absolutely incredilbe. You’d think it was Kevin Talley at his early best.

But the key thing that I come away with from this is just an astonishment at the bestial noises coming from the throats of Connor and his guests. They are disgusting. These people are animals. In one of the tracks I hear noises I have never heard before in the field of even extreme underground hypergrind.

The crush of the production is incredible, giving tracks like ‘The Worst Of Smells’ a colossal weight. Once again those drums deliver in spades, meaning that fast is actually fast, and slow is brick heavy.

Riffs performed on an 8 string are always going to need space to breathe in order for even the basic notes to come through the mix, and so oftentimes it’s impossible to hear what’s really going on. But a lot of the time you can: and that cant be easy to mix. So well done.

But it’s still just a weird wee subgenre of music that’s too wacky to actually be into. And so for that reason, while I appreciate the huge labour of – what, love? – that’s gone into it, I cant actually say I like it.

Blasting like in ‘Meat Cleaver Fever’ though is wild. So enjoy it if you do, hear it once if you dont, and credit the effort no whatever direction you go.

Earl Grey ::: 18/04/17

  1. Rubbish

  2. Sorry if I reviewed this I would just say this is is rubbish go check out putrid pile . Who have .savage gutturals, authentic pig squeals .proper songs…programmed drums that sound real and make sense..pure depraved lyrics etc

  3. Paddy Losty Says:

    I usually despise this genre, I wouldn’t describe it as “wee” either. It’s the most saturated genre on the planet, fucking rammed with horrible bands, dreadful artwork, ridiculous song titles and band names, questionable musicianship and even worse production. All you have to do is browse certain “label’s” catalogues for confirmation (Hello Sevared, Brutal Bands Etc)

    I was ready to hate this but have to say I gave Baptised a chance there and it was spot on. There’s great clarity in the production there so that really adds to it. When it speeds up the blasts are on the ludicrous side but overall it interested me enough to give the whole thing a listen.

    As a side note, the artwork is cool. I remember thinking a T-Shirt would be most welcome but when the lads unveiled it, it had a nauseating back-print.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Awful truly truly awful
    How could someone listen to this bullshit

  5. raped by rednecks Says:

    This is precisely the reason Conor was ejected from putrefy. Too much interest in producing commercial slam death.

    Whait til you all hear the next Putrefy record. Old school, proper death metal featuring only reworked demo material from 1991.

  6. what even is that snare sound

  7. Ive never heard such rubbish on that quote above..yer man was ejected from another similar sounding band cause he had too much interest in ‘commercial’ slam death…that’s fucking hilarious….yes I am so sick of hearing all that slam death on 2fm and fm104!!!! 😉 !!!!!

  8. raped by rednecks Says:

    Ronny is a poser. Doesn’t know his true slam from commercial slam.

  9. Man this shit is cool but I like Debridement, Oncology and Putrefy. And a bit of Full On Fallopian Fungus \m/

  10. Debridement are awesome. Connor is so cool. I’m looking forward to seeing them in Reading.


  11. Who ever is trying to pretend to be Jason, you’re some dickhead
    And Connor if you’re reading this, you’re SCUM!

  12. Martin Wyer Says:

    Ah Connor is a decent bloke.

  13. rapedbyrednecks Says:

    Bev, Keep your beak out of this.

  14. I’m sure this will go a treat with the rubber dingy beachball crowd

  15. Fucking brutal shit bro… see ya in the pit fuckers \m/ \m/ \m/ \m/

  16. The low vocals are decent. Programming impressive. Pig squeals are ridiculous. Hardly a microscene though now is it? Though as squelch posted there are better examples of this style. Not really my thing, but best of luck with it.

  17. johnny red whie n blue socks Says:

    complete shite.

  18. Why are you all picking on Connor, it’s really great stuff. Won’t stop me parading around Reading in my Debridemet t cut off anyway \m/

  19. Anonymous Says:

    is there a bit of a Creation’s Tears thing happening in these comments or what?

  20. Absolute cringe anytime anything even remotely related to Putrefy or a related band pops up here. All the hate-bro’s and fan-bro’s come out of wood work for some of the lamest internet hating and dick sucking I’ve ever seen.

    As for the music itself? Not my style at all, but its grand and I’m sure fans of the genre will enjoy it!

  21. The comments on here lately are fairly mongish. More so here than previous reviews, mind. Cringe indeed.

  22. Eoin McLove Says:

    Indeed. Up your game, trolls. Or better yet, commit suicide.

  23. Kat are you conors spouse?

  24. TemplarOfSteel Says:

    ‘Commercial slam’! Aw lads.

  25. @ Squelch: I wish 🙂

  26. So, so shit. Wasted a few seconds of time that ill never get back. My god that’s terrible.

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