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The Metal Insight Podcast #34

Alan Averill and Bones from Dread Sovereign

Singing songs for Satan

Take one of the oldest hands in the underground – Alan Averill from Primordial. The guy who’s been there through all of it.

One of the scene’s most talented and deep thinking lyricists who’s looking for yet another new outlet. Away from Primordial, he wants to indulge the character led, dramatic and heretical fascinations of yore.

Who does he look for to play guitar? The surprising answer is the hell for leather, dont give damn attitude of a guitarist who came through the punk scene: Bones.

In this episode we hear the story of that coming together – and of how they’ve grown into their new album, ‘For Doom The Bell Tolls’.

Thy Will Be Done!

Eoin, or ‘Bones’ as he’s known recounts for us the story of how he and Alan bonded musically from a diverse set of classic rock and punk influences.

He describes his attitude to guitar as one being like where he goes on conversations with his axe and plays the average gig like a train wreck. He’s got quite the gift of the gab.

For his part, Alan reflects on what it was like stepping out onstage with a bass at their first gigs (“it was shit”); being in a band with younger guys playing to much smaller audiences than his day job; and how ultimately its just a part of his willpower that needs sated.

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  1. The podcasts are a great idea. Enjoyable listen.

  2. Eoin McLove Says:

    Not really gone on the new EP. Two cracking songs and a lot of filler in my opinion. Still a very enjoyable interview there. Johnny was saying they might be using a keyboardist live from now on which may be interesting.

  3. He looks fascinated by the internal workings of that candle.

  4. Snatchgrabber Says:

    Can’t listen at the moment but is the candle discussed?

  5. Oskorei Says:

    Christ alan talks some shite. A bit of a snobby arrogant cunt to say the least. Even though i love DS and primordial, i cant stand this self appointed, “ive been around the block so my opinion is better than yours” shit. What a fuckin wally.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Alan was perfectly fine. A 20 year veteran shooting the breeze. On the contary i found the Bones lad insufferable.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    *contrary ya boyo

  8. There are plenty of 20 year veterans who dont blow their own horn. Self praise is no praise, and yea that bones lad sounds like a hipster that works in a D4 coffee shop.

  9. Eoin McLove Says:

    Typical fucking anonymous horseshite from a bunch of clueless eejits who hate to see other local people doing well. There was nothing egotistical about any of it, bar some jokes that seemed more self-deprecating than anything. Maybe Alan should be more apologetic for living a different lifestyle than the rest of us? He does his own thing and has had some success with it so fair fucks, say I. Hooley is a sound cunt too who has been playing in bands for 15 years or more so that ‘hipster’ comment above is fucking dense.

  10. doomschmoker Says:

    Andy is spot on there ^. Eoin Bones is most certainly not some topknot hipster. I saw him playing rabid crusty hardcore in Bastard Youth over 16 years ago, he’s a sound lad and the real deal…. cheeky wee shite for sure but some craic, and sure can play the guit-fiddle!

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