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Sigurd Wongraven - Satyricon

● Frost's new drumming
● That tour with Pantera
● His medical recovery

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Fractured #12 | Apostate Viaticum: Shadows Under The Monolith

“Age doesn’t matter, and it shouldn’t.”

That’s the talk of conviction: the the talk of guys who’ve been through the death metal scene since the late 80s, and who are still able summon fire in their bellies for the torrid and suffocating riffs of Apostate Viaticum.

John Mulvaney profiles the band for his latest Fractured film. It shows just how self belief goes into their music.

Watch out especially for the transition between the practice room and when they’re on stage.

Turn up your volume.

The album its self can at times be challenging in its density. But with this film you’ll see how their music comes alive with the playing, and how it gains such immense heaviness.

“There’s no egos, no gunslingers”. It’s just a product of sheer metal perseverance, and one that’s lasted down through the years.


Film by John Mulvaney ::: 15/05/17

  1. Another excellent film. What I love about these films are even though the are very short they really give a great window into the what’s going on with the profiled band/label etc. They always make me want to buy the album from whatever band is featured.

  2. Panopticon Says:

    Another excellent mini documentary. Fair play to John at Fractured. Stellar job as with them all. Been meaning to check out AV but haven’t yet. Loving what I’m hearing from this. Must pick up the album from Invictus. Looking forward to gigging with them in July.

    Bullshit trolls please fuck off. Thanks.

  3. Franksidebottom Says:

    This just immediately degenerated into all out trolling. Horrendous.

    I listened to the album on Band Camp and the more it went on the more I liked it. I think it will grow more on me over time.
    I was a fan of Morphosis and while this is quite different I like it as well, a slower burner but I think that could be good as I would it would be pealing back the layers over a longer time.

    It’s good to see Vinny and George back again. All the best with the album lads.

  4. Eoin McLove Says:

    Cool little vid and a nice insight into a couple of dudes who have been at this game longer than most. Really enjoying the album too.

  5. Skadk666 Says:

    Aye back to the vid, it’s really cool and I’ve enjoyed each one he’s done. Long may they continue!

    The band ain’t half bad either!

  6. I echo the sentiments expressed above. These little vids are great, have enjoyed every one I’ve watched. Gave the tunes a few listens when the CD was reviewed here, thought it was good and though not moved to buy it at the time, I intend to go back for more listens as it definitely had that old school primal heaviness about it.

    Fair play to them for sticking to their guns and playing what they feel drawn to play. Fuck age! It shouldn’t matter is bang on! You like the music you like. Are you going to stop liking it because of some collective idea (by people who don’t like Metal music) that you should have “grown out” of it by your late twenties? Bollocks!

  7. Excellent stuff, thanks for that. Roll on July!

  8. AV kicking some ass in this vid.

    The series is excellent and well deserved credit to John for the idea/presentation etc and at it’s core it’s definitely a great showcase of Irish metal and the workings/thoughts within each band.

  9. As always, these video’s deliver the goods! I wouldn’t complain if there was a feature length documentary on Irish Death Metal made at some stage. For a small island there has been, and are some lethal bands on the go. I’ll look forward to picking up the album when it’s released on vinyl.

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