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Wolves In The Throne Room | Interview

The iconoclastic and somewhat reclusive Wolves In The Throne Room recently completed their first tour of Europe since 2011.

Eoin Foley got some time with drummer Aaron Weaver shortly after their performance at this years Roadburn festival.


In relation to the impact playing Roadburn initially in 2008 had on WITTR’s exposure in Europe, Aaron explained that “our first time playing Roadburn was very much our introduction to Europe and a European Audience and we made a lot of connections and friendships at that show, that have sustained us this whole time.”

Speaking about the decision of the band in 2011 to take a prolonged break from actively touring and recording new material Aaron commented, “we did the ambient album Celestite and after that we just made a decision to take a breath and do other things in life, because that is where the music comes from out of our life and our experience that is where the inspiration comes from.”

“It was time to regenerate, for me the music comes from being rooted at home and it was time to spend some time being immersed in the magic of our home to wait until the inspiration struck for the next phase in the band.”

From the period 2006-2011 WITTR had been on a constant schedule of recording, touring and writing new material.

This was also an influence on their decision to take some time away from the limelight.

However many other artists , musicians and indeed their fans still find it somewhat counter intuitive that on the cusp of significant commercial success they followed a different path.

On this point Aaron elaborated that “obviously there was a path ahead of us that we could have gone down, of just releasing another record right away, do another tour and do a festival circuit, but why, for us the music is so personal and it is music that we have to do to express the things that are coming from within ourselves, it’s crucial for us to cultivate those relationship with ourselves and to just have continued to be on the road and to put out another record without a true burning need and desire to do it, in my mind would have been very dishonourable.”

Three’s A-Crowned

WITTR recently announced that their long time touring guitar player Kody Keyworth has become a full time member of the band. Aaron explained that “it reached a point where it was obvious that he was in the band, it was a just a natural progression.”

On the current European tour WITTR are playing live with three guitar players and a keyboard player. The reason for this as Aaron informed me was due to the fact that “we love having three guitarists as a lot of our music is based on having three guitar parts, and this gives us so much more opportunity for the creation of atmosphere.”

Roadburn also played host to the debut performance of WITTR’s dark ambient side project Drow Elixir.

Aaron explained that the focus of the project as being based around “ not being music, but being anti-music, all of us in Wolves are really inspired by early industrial music, and not just the music part but the philosophical part the idea of destroying all concepts, and turning everything on it’s head to create a sense of freedom.”

WITTR clearly have a distinct black metal sound and style to the majority of their music that has enabled them to develop a following within the broad spectrum of people who feel connected to the spirit, imagery and music of the black metal scene.

As Aaron elaborated “WITTR is a black metal band we do our own thing with it, but it clearly exists within certain genre conventions, and I love being true to genre, and respecting a lineage of music and artist, but we made the decision not to wear corpse paint or put spikes on our clothes, we just decided not to do it as it was not authentic for us.”

Faster, Darker

In relation to what the rest of 2017 and beyond holds for WITTR, Aaron outlined “we are going to continue touring like we used to do, we took a break and we are inspired and nourished by that time off, we have a new album completed and the new album is faster, darker and more brutal than anything we have done in a while.”

Aaron commented that the inspiration for the new album “is inspired by Irish methodology, all of us have Irish ancestry and for us a lot of music is connected to ancestral feelings, and the new record is very much about connecting to our Celtic and Irish lineage.”

It appears then that WITTR are going to be making much more regular appearances on this side of the Atlantic, until they decide to lie down once more amongst the rocks and roots of their home.

Interview by Eoin Foley

  1. Strange article with a weird flow but fair dues for getting in touch with the band. I assume “iconic” is intended in the first sentence. Iconoclastic doesn’t suit WITTR.

  2. They were the highlight of Roadburn for me they were absolutely brilliant. I will admit though I think they peaked early with their first two records but I will give this a go.

  3. wobblechops Says:

    Have thoroughly enjoyed all their releases, was so stoked to catch them live at ATP but they were strangled by terrible sound setup in that venue. Would love to see them again in a better organised setting.

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