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Cursed With A Vision | ‘Veinspray’

You’ve heard me bang on for ages about the surpassing quality of one man bands in Ireland at the minute.

Some of what’s coming out of people’s home rigs is nigh on breathtaking.

This one however, from a self confessed bored postman from Ennis, is a bit more retro. It’s heavier, less polished, and a bit more of a primal scream.

Kerry Whitehouse has laid down some pretty thunderous double kick drumming in the Dave Lombardo mould, topped off by riffing of the era and liberal use of pinch harmonics: all pretty 90s, as it happens.

So while you’ve got a bit of Slayer, ‘Soul Of A New Machine’ period Fear Factory and Ministry for sure – albeit a lot heavier than that mix sounds – the almost Sex Pistols style vocals add an air of unhinged kerrazy to it all.

It flits about various styles: the title track for example is the first to slow down an emphasis the bass before a bit more of the rumble. Later, ‘A Farewell To Ciri’ is a sort of strange ambient lament, which sits out of character somewhat with the rest of the album.

Thirteen tracks of all this stylistic flitting is a bit of a challenge, it goes without saying, and there are many rough edges that just sound a little passé at this stage (the garage production for one).

I just think it needs a firmer idea of what exactly its all about, and the best of it condensed into four high quality tracks with a beefier sound.

Then we’ll know better.

It’s the kind of thing that might have been good on a traded tape or a magazine comp at the turn of the millennium; nowadays we need more.

Earl Grey ::: 01/06/17

  1. Thanks so much for an awesome review.You absolutely hit the nail on the head.I had no idea of what style i wanted to do so i tried a bit of each and it pretty much ended up a mess.But thank you for at least making me want to try and sit down and do exactly what you said.Do 4 or 5 tracks of high quality and same style.Thanks again,

  2. Good to encourage new ideas around the country. But this is fairly unalienable, no idea whats going on listening to it.

  3. Eoin McLove Says:

    Music is pedestrian but I like the Jello Biafra-style vocals. It’s very demo-ish in terms of the riffs. Very 90s, Fear Factory sort of buzz- the kind of thing that I’d have liked as a teenager but that feels a bit un-ambitious at this stage of the game. I’d recommend going darker and more atmospheric than all-out choppy brutal. Noise it up to fuck too. Maybe aim for a less clicky drum sound, too.

  4. Kerry Whitehouse Says:

    I,ll tae it all in guys.and thanks for feedback.yeah i really didnt put much effort into it and i suck at mastering—i,ll def try something that isnt so all over the place.Thank you

  5. Kerry Whitehouse Says:
    Guys/gals-can i ask what ye think of this instead.Think i did a better job with this years ago

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