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Sigurd Wongraven - Satyricon

● Frost's new drumming
● That tour with Pantera
● His medical recovery

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The Metal Insight Podcast #36

PODCAST - 'It's like an episode of the Jeremy Kyle show' - Paul Catten, the swivel eyed metalcore motormouth

Remembering Johnny Morrow and Jammer, plus small town scum

He’s been described as the ‘swivel eyed polymath’.

And there are few people like him: Paul Catten, the maniac frontman from serial brilliant UK metalcore and sludge bands Medulla Nocte, Lazarus Blackstar, Murder One, and now Barrabus.

He’s got a Tazmanian devil energy on record and on stage.

And now that the new Barrabus album is out, he has some new fascinations: the kind of smalltown smut that could make it to an episode of the Jeremy Kyle show.

Remembering Lost Friends

The new Barrabus moves on from where Medulla Nocte and Murder One left off. Sharp, powerful and jacknife riffs and Cattens mental wailing and screaming.

It’s been a long road for Catten.

He’s suffered the loss of two close bandmates over recent years – first with the death of Iron Monkey (and Murder One’s) Johnny Morrow, and recently the death of Medulla Nocte drummer Jamie ‘Jammer’ Airns, pictured with Paul below.

We reflect on this in the podcast, as well as the death of Chris Cornell (the day before this was recorded) – and how it stirs up emotions.

So his new album is everything you’d expect from him, and an explosive release of ADHD energy – this is one of the tracks, ‘Master Of Disguise’:

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  1. From a time when the term metalcore meant something else.

  2. Caught MN a few times back in the day,fuckin crazy front man!,Forgot about the size of the drummer!

  3. Awesome interview. Great to see Cat back at it.

  4. Opensores Says:

    Seen Medulla once, insane live band!

  5. Martin Wyer Says:

    Nice to see Paul back in action, the record is a good one.

    The Jeremy Kyle analogy was used too much in this podcast. Downgrading to a B-

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