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Evo | ‘Warfare’

Now this is a surprise.

Musically inactive since 1990’s ‘Hammer Horror’, Paul ‘Evo’ Evans has finally given the world a new album. And, rather bizarrely, he’s named it after his old band. He even uses the logo, saying that although “…it is labelled as a solo album it really is just a brand new Warfare album…”

So why not just put it out under the name Warfare instead of your own?

Always one of the more under appreciated metal/punk crossover acts, their early albums still take the face off after 30 odd years. ‘Metal Anarchy’ (discussed at length here) is a classic.

In the last couple of years, we’ve seen a spate of demo releases, which seems to have fired Evo up again to release something.

All while being absolutely adamant that there would be no reunion of the band. Very admirable, it has to be said. He seemed like someone who knew his best years were behind him.

And now, this.

The album is very much a return to old school Warfare (bulldozing guitars and bass) with elements of ‘Hammer Horror’ with the use of keyboards for texture and spoken word segments.

Unfortunately, as an album, it doesn’t work. This is due to a variety of factors.

Celebrity Guests

Beginning with the most crucial, the mix favours the bass (nothing wrong with that) but leaves the guitars nothing more than a buzzing effect. They don’t even sound overdriven. Songs like ‘Cemetery Gate’ should bulldoze the listener.

Instead, they’re as flat as a Michael McIntyre gag.

Secondly, the songs themselves sound like b-sides from the band’s heyday. There’s really nothing to get the blood pumping. Occasionally, something will click into place and might sound decent with a proper mix, but it’s not going to be something you’ll be throwing yourself around the room to.

Even the feted “celebrity guests” (Eddie Clarke, Nik Turner, Lips) do little to help the songs. Clarke’s appearance is probably the best out of the lot, making noises on ‘Misanthropy’ that could have come straight from Motorhead’s ‘Bomber’ LP.

Thirdly, Evo plays most of the instruments here and does a perfectly laudable job. But the playing never crosses over into “exciting” territory, which is a crime for this style of music.

Is this act an labour of love, or an attempt to keep costs down?

While it’s perfectly laudable in an artistic sense, a major rethink is needed in this case. A proper band, jamming in a studio could make all the difference. They could inject some extra life into the songs, or tell Evo “this isn’t good enough.”

Despite Evo thinking it’s “the most aggressive album of 2017”, it really isn’t. He clearly hasn’t heard the new Full of Hell album.

It’s just as well this didn’t come out bearing the name Warfare as the artist. Then expectations would have been through the roof and it would have been an utter flop. As a solo album, expectations are lower and we can put unusual decisions down as an indulgence, an attempt to step away from preconceptions. But it’s still a flop.

So, two questions can be asked after listening to this.

1 – After nearly 30 years, is that the best Evo can do?

2 – Why is he standing in his shower for the cover?

1 / 5 ::: Christopher Owens ::: 20/06/17

  1. It sounds like boiled horseshit. In the song posted all the instruments sound like they’re playing way too slow despite being on time making for unpleasant listening. Fiver says this was all recorded in his living room with shit he bought off Amazon.

  2. Strong reaction Says:

    One look at that woeful cover art and I don’t need to listen to know it’s bollocks.

  3. #rigsofdad

  4. This album is fuckin amazing ..You stupid fuck heads..this is the best album to come out in ages as nasty as bad magic by Motorhead , Owens you can go and fuck yourself a total knob head who just dosent understand great rock n roll , it’s not supposed to be Full of Hell! just remember who created this genre.

  5. When are these comebacks going to stop?

  6. just bought this album and it almost took the roof off the car! it’s absolutley amazing take no notice of this review if youre into total punk/metal crossover you won’t get any better this is superb. J.D.

  7. The master of crossover Evo is back is this reviewer deaf and blind this album is so fuckin good, owens you fuckin cock!

  8. Best crossover album in years Fast Eddie Clarke (RIP) Plays his best guitar since ace of spades I think this reviewer need an earing aid.

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