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Entrails | ‘World Inferno’

Continuing forward with their Swedish Death Metal nostalgia trip, Entrails are back again 3 years on with yet another release.

It’s been clear for a while now that this is not meant to be anything more than a project dedicated to living in the shadow of Dismembered, which in itself is only a minor issue.

What really matters is whether they can write good tracks that can easily stand on their own based purely on quality songwriting; a problem they’ve not been able to overcome in the past.

‘World Inferno’ introduces itself with a pretty slick and somewhat cheesy 80’s horror style synth before exploding into a Bloodbath-style riff, which helps carry on to various moments that sound similar to a few tracks on their ‘Resurrection Through Carnage’ album.

It’s a surprisingly vibrant song with a great chanting outro that intensifies with a short amount of snare blasting.

‘Serial Murder (Death Squad)’ rips At The Gates’ ‘Slaughter of The Soul’ off with very little – if any – attempt at covering it up, but is written and performed well enough that it’s pretty decent. regardless.

‘Suffer’ is high tempo and provides some cool machine-gun vocal delivery, and is a good example of Jocke Svensson’s improved vocal range.

Lets Play Snap

What’s most surprising about this release is how much it reminds me of ‘Resurrection Through Carnage’ right down to the track titles.

It’s odd to have a band aiming to recreate the 90’s Swedeath sound to end up sounding like Bloodbath when they were aiming to recreate the same kind of sound, but it sort of works well in places; a great example is the beginning solo and riff to ‘World Inferno’, which is basically ‘So You Die’ changed up a little.

It doesn’t just stop at the sound, though.

Some of the track titles are remarkably similar too, when compared, which is surely an oversight on Entrails’ behalf. ‘The Soul Collector’ = ‘Soul Collector’, ‘Condemned To The Grave’ = ‘Ways To The Grave’, ‘Dead and Buried’ = ‘Buried By The Dead’.

While this wouldn’t so much as get a look in over other classic albums in the same vein, this is a well polished effort and easily their best album since reforming. It’s serviceable and fun to listen to so long as you know not to expect much, and the songwriting and performance are better than ever.

However, this may be their peak performance, or at least close to it.

The fact remains that there’s only so much you can do creatively when you’re trying your best to box yourself into a recreating a specific sound, and comparisons to other bands will always be justifiable due to the nature of their task.

2.7 / 5 – Ricardo Angelone ::: 06/07/17

  1. Not too bad a review, hopefully their fans won’t lose their shit like the last time when they got a bad review on this site!

  2. Slit your guts Says:

    Sounds Killer!

  3. Paul Keohane Says:

    Sounds good on first listen.

  4. Sounds like leftover material that never made ‘… everflowing stream’ or ‘clandestine’ thrun together.

  5. Roger Pedactor Says:

    Kinda getting tired of the “Nostalgia” metal bands. Gruesome were a laugh for about five minutes until you realize you’ll never reach for their stuff over Death. These clowns are the same.

    Oh it’s ok we’re paying “Homage” to those better more creative bands. I’m going to start a band that sound like early Deicide, going to have everything down to a tee including the logo.

  6. These guys are not bad, just don’t think I’ll be picking up their stuff anytime soon.

    Skelethal do this kinda thing but much better.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Its a fuckin disgrace so’iris.

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