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Wardomized | ‘Red Death (Flows Through My Veins)’

Wardomized have been making head way through the Irish scene for the last few years.

They’ve been quiet of late while they finalised their new lineup with the new rhythm section of Mike Largey and Deane Montgomery.

Thankfully they’ve jumped back in with ‘Red Death (Flows Through My Veins)’ – produced, mixed and mastered by Jonny Munro in their home of Belfast.

With a live date booked in Spain and the promise of Irish dates coming soon, let’s see how their latest release sounds.

The opening track of this EP, ‘Tied To Machines’, starts off straight away with a huge wall of sound, very reminiscent of Crowbar, before it kicks off with Cannibal Corpse style blast beats. For the rest of the song it switches between heavy death metal blasts, and more grooving guitar driven sections.

‘Red Death (Flows Through My Veins)’ has a punishing, mid-tempo feel reminiscent of that old school proto death metal sound. Songs like ‘Red Death (Flows Through My Veins’ and ‘Rebirthed’ have very groovy riffs that feel like they push through you, pausing only to let the anticipation build for the next riff or breakdown.

The slow down ending of ‘Rebirthed’ was a nice touch to emphasise how this EP feels much more human than the almost robotically tight playing of today’s technical metal acts.

Vocally, Stephen McKeown plays it safe through out the whole EP, staying on the beat and allowing the band to show off their work.

Stephen’s vocals aren’t anything stand out, which isn’t a good or bad thing necessarily; he doesn’t show off with fancy vocal techniques or lay down any rhythms that distract from the listener from the band.

The obvious flipside of that though is that his rhythmic delivery is almost predictable, and doesn’t try to fill in the gap where the band leaves him room to add in his own rhythmic flavour. ‘Tribal Warfare’ is a good example of where he could fill in space, but sticks to the long held growls.

Balancing Act

‘Nothing Left’ is a brilliant ending track for this EP. It is a great example of the band’s overall direction – a mixture of simple but intensely delivered and brutal death metal riffing, with more laid back but still crushing verses.

Where this EP loses momentum is during the fast sections when the drums start blasting away. This is where the flaws in the EP’s sound and mix start to show. The production on this EP doesn’t feel tight, and doesn’t balance all the instruments.

The drums, particularly the snare, start to overwhelm the mix during the fast sections and blastbeats. There’s a fine line between a raw, unpolished mix that suits Wardomized’s sound, and a mix with drums overpowering the band during the blast beats, and taking away from the impact of the EP.

Overall this a solid EP for fans of old school death metal, or anyone who like their metal to groove a bit more and not be afraid to slow down the tempo a bit to make it sound even more weighty.

‘Red Death’ isn’t anything revolutionary, but it is definitely worth a listen for any death metal fans and will represent the Irish scene well when they play the Bilbao Deathfest in October.

3.2 / 5 – Cormac Jordan ::: 14/07/17

  1. Is that Leather Mike?

  2. No.

  3. David Vincent Says:

    Heard they were all drunk when they were recording this, apparently guitar player shit themselves in the studio.

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