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Owlcrusher | ‘Owlcrusher’

The best things take time.

From their humble origins as Dwell in Sun, Owlcrusher have been together in some shape or form since 2008.

Various gigs have blown people away with the bleak, apocalyptic onslaught of blackened sludge on display.

But while peers like Nomadic Rituals and War Iron have put out records on a consistent basis, there’s been a deafening silence from Owlcrusher on that front.

Until very recently. Then this album was unleashed.

My God, the sound of that first chord. You cannot fake such blackened despair. This really is the sound of a desolate wasteland. The mix of deep, intoned vocals and screams works so beautifully, providing gravitas and despair at the same time.

Three songs in 45 minutes. For some, it will be an endurance test.

But for those who like their music punishing, sadomasochistic and utterly exhilarating, this self titled record will hit the spot. Just listen to the guitar chords. They’re steeped in utter filth.

As well as this, the drums have that added reverb to them that add that extra air of dissonance and menace to proceedings.

And while each song follows a similar path, there are moments on each to give the songs a different feel: the middle eight in ‘Spoiler’ where everything grinds to a halt and the gently picked guitar lines make the listener envisage themselves lying in a forest (with the vocals sounding like a threat from the other side of said forest), the Entombed style solo in ‘Owlcrusher’ and the nearly two minutes of ambience which features at the start of ‘Feeble Preacher.’

As you can guess here, Owlcrusher have gone right for the jugular, and have succeeded quite thoroughly.

The dirty production is bang on, the songwriting is evocative and intricate and the performances belie the idea that blackened doom is easy to play with enough feedback and distortion.

Simply put, all promises have been fulfilled. For a debut, this obliterates.

You need this.

4 / 5 – Christopher Owens ::: 19/07/17
Photo by Baggy

  1. Excellent release

  2. Eoin McLove Says:

    The clean vocals on Feeble Preacher are so cool. More of that type of thing!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Its brilliant stuff alright!

  4. Perfectly unhinged! Can’t get enough of this.

  5. cave_dweller Says:

    cave dwelling shiiiite

  6. Great to hear this. Total devastation, horrific and satisfying.

  7. … gut shattering boldness… bravo..!!!!

  8. This is fuckin great.

  9. Returning to this again. Utterly compelling.

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