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Qrixkuor | ‘Incantations From The Abyss’

With some records you have to dig really, really deep.

You have to puff your cheeks, raise your eyebrows, press play, and just say to yourself, “I’ll get it this time”.

Even at that, a record like ‘Incantations…’ is demanding.

I think I’ve seen Qrixkuor live twice now, each time making a mental promise that it will all make sense when the album comes – that the blur of their vertiginous churn will be afforded the space and clarity that rueful live mixes in desperate halls don’t.

And even at that, too, a record like ‘Incantations….’ is demanding.

This band have dove so deeply into their music that it can be hard to fathom at all. It’s as if the musicians involved are at the bottom of a pitch black lake, and you somehow have to go there too in order to understand it.

For most, it will be impossible. But there is real worth when you invest the time.


At the moment, twenty plus spins in, I’m not clear if I could really tell you the difference between one song and the next. These tracks are different views glimpsed of the same maw.

A frenetic, blast driven mulch, turning sometimes slow, sometimes fast, sometimes in reverse and most of the time all at once around an Incantation singularity at the middle.

The fact that they are all long raises the stakes yet higher. Eight minutes of this headmelt? Ten minutes of that one? It’s no wonder you lose your place.

That is what each of the songs are like. With one excepetion: and it’s the one the album, to me, seems to crystallize around.

The very DSO sounding ‘The Benign Architect’ is notably different in texture and direction. You can grab hold of it; it’s waning, elastic weeping guitar lines finally offer something familiar in the form of an immediate resonance with Xasthur, BaN, early Leviathan and the like.

And as a track too, it has seemingly more agency than the rest. It knows what its about somewhat better. There’s a real point to it: a start, middle and end.

There are other highlights. Half way into ‘Consecration Of The Temple’ is an incredible rush. A huge lift as the lead lick excites and excites, the speed builds and the intensity just ratchets over and over.

Now, moments like this have to be dug for. The rest can make you feel a shade abandoned.

So yes, this is a bloody difficult album. But I think its best savoured impressionistacally: some moments in shades of white heat, some in ice cold – it’s easier to just take the moments as they come.

It will take time. But isn’t that what separates the art of the underground from the banal?

3.2 / 5 – Earl Grey ::: 27/07/17

  1. This is actually a CD compilation of their demo and a live rehearsal for the recent EP.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Yea it’s a compilation as far as I know

  3. Yep, this ain’t new. Picked the tape up after their first gig here because they were so on point live that day. Thought the production wast pretty bad on it but I really enjoyed it regardless.

  4. Eoin McLove Says:

    I never even got to listen to the tape despite picking it up as it was too warped to listen to. I should flog it on eBay :p

  5. Eoin McLove Says:

    The rehearsal that is. The demo tape works fine.

  6. I see. Totally unaware. Wouldn’t change the interpretation for a second, and still strong.

  7. doomschmoker Says:

    never heard these lads before, just listened to that first track at the bottom of the review there…. deadly stuff!!!

  8. ^ do yourself a favour and check out their Three Devils Dance EP then. It’s monumental and production is way clearer than their older stuff.

  9. Yeah, as Andy says, this is their demo and pre EP material on CD.

  10. Earl grey Says:

    Knackered,so. Duly filled in. And bamboozled by the density 😮

  11. pentagrimes Says:

    I’d recommend getting stuck into Three Devil’s Dance on headphones. So many little details in there to pick up. The production is a fair bit clearer too

  12. There’s a ‘Three Devils Dance’ review on this very site.

  13. this article has caused me to revisit Three Devils Dance chhrist almighty what a frighteningly good release.

  14. Savage band.

  15. King Hostile Says:

    …..indeed resonates the above “Three Devils Dance”…. brilliant!

  16. Never penetrated either the demo or EP. Liked them live a couple of times. New direction hinted at last time they played Dublin? Must give the EP another shot…

  17. Pure Incantation / Father Befouled!!!! nice..

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