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Jenova | ‘The Less You Know The More You Sleep’

For such lumbering death metal, the amount of variety Jenova cram in is impressive.

Right from the start of ‘The Walking Dead’ they’re doing things different: beats in odd places, gurgling growls giving way to screeches at offbeat intervals.

It has weight and bears down heavy on the ears.

After that there’s a certainly darkened melody, albeit an enormously treacly one, in the main riff of ‘The Final Tide’, whose cumbersome slams stomp about the place in an ogrish manner.

You dont miss the speed that a band less sure of themselves would probably dive into. Jenova are happy in the slower tempos because they’re using them to their own end.

The standout track however has to be the excellently chunky ‘Nihil Deorum’ which bears a smidgen of influence from Meshuggah’s ‘MonstroCity’ in its twists and turns. Its interesting back section has a mechanic pulse that furthers that impression.

They’re really good at what they do basically: which is subverting the usual idea of slower death metal as being somehow not as interesting or creative as that at the faster end of the spectrum.

Yet the deviations and rabbitholes these riffs go down are myriad, leading through unexpected twists at almost every juncture.

It’s pretty cerebral stuff, in fact, and sound incredibly fresh for it.

What I would say though is why were there not more solos? By the time the only one on the EP kicks in, we’re a minute away from the end of the whole thing. It’s tasteful, tonal and expressive – an a little alarming to think that’s been kept under wraps throughout the other tracks.

3.8 / 5 – Earl Grey ::: 27/08/17

  1. Thanks so much for the kind words

  2. I must admit I enjoyed the musicianship on this album, there was varying layers going on instrumentally and the music always packed a hefty punch.

    However, where this album is let down is by the vocals (basing this on the bland lyrics in the lyric/music video for The Walking Dead) and the lack of variety in the vocalist.

    Having said that, the vocalist does growl quite well and he is good at what he does, assuming he’s a man, those grim bellows could surely not come out of a woman’s mouth.

    I give this album 3.5/5 , a very impressive outing for a new band with a new EP, with Nihil Deorum being my personal highlight.

  3. MexicanStaringFrog Says:

    I dunno what last lad was talking about Loads of Vocal variety
    Hopefully can pull it off live,

    Great overall variety in the music, Bit of everything thrown in there, Needs further listens to pick it all out

    Must check them out live, Solid work

  4. Very good stuff here. I agree with all of the review, especially the part about the lack of solos.

    I enjoy the fact that it is an EP instead of a full length, too, as I haven’t got a lot of patience for death metal at all. This, however is of a length which leaves me hungry for more instead of having enough of it halfway through.

    Sorry I missed ye at the metalfest in templemore this year now…

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