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Sigurd Wongraven - Satyricon

● Frost's new drumming
● That tour with Pantera
● His medical recovery

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The Metal Insight Podcast #37

How do you fix arguing bands? A deep dive with Metal Blade's Brian Slagel

Top info for bands + should Slayer retire?

How does a big metal label really work when you peek inside?

Well, in this episode we ask the boss of one of the most important labels in the scene: Metal Blade.

Main man Brian Slagel started it in 1982. He took a demo tape off an eager young Lars Ulrich; he put out Slayer’s first record. He’s now one of the biggest players in the metal business. So this is a dude that knows what he’s doing.

A guy it’s fair to say we all owe a lot to.

He’s just written a history of Metal Blade in a new book, ‘For The Sake Of Heaviness‘, and we dive into that in this podcast.

But he’s also absolutely full of great advice for young bands working hard to get signed, what a label will expect of them, and how he copes with conflict inside bands.

We also even asked him if Slayer should retire…

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  1. Awesome stuff, sounds like a top bloke too.

    So many great records released on this label, sounds like they still operate with the same ethos. Never went chasing a buck like Earache or Roadrunner.

  2. Cool interview, well done

  3. Knacker4life Says:

    Great interview
    Good work
    He comes across sound enough; well into it

  4. Dominic callaghan Says:

    How does a band get into the metalirelandascene recently seen a young band from sligo Ireland called stormbringer their is a class video of them on YouTube if you google stormbringer mistreated and their original stuff is class the vocalist is with another band called road angel who will be launching their new 4 track Ep all original songs soon can get a copy to anyone who is interested cheers

  5. Hi Dominic – just post a note about it in our forums, that’s the best way to highlight stuff.

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