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Ralph Santolla's Stench Of Redemption

● Working with Deicide
● Steve Asheim plays Tchaikovsky
● New band with Steve DiG!

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Fractured #13 | Shardborne – The Sky From Above

Shardborne stand out: they always have done.

Instrumental bands are ten a penny. So too those with impressive tech chops.

The Limerick band however marry detail to melody in a way that’s different to their peers. There is a grace there that others lack – a fine honing to their machine.

Once again, a key Irish band’s spirit is caught excellently on John Mulvaney’s latest ‘Fractured’ short film: ‘The Sky From Above”, highlighting the work of the quartet.


Film by John Mulvany ::: 06/09/17

  1. Really put together as usual.. Shard borne are a great band

  2. Classy video of a classy band

  3. Great stuff, again. Fair play.

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