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Incantation | ‘Profane Nexus’

With the bowels of winter beckoning it seems a good time to get to grips with a new Incantation record.

Profane Nexus, the tenth outing from these perennial underground dwellers is pretty much everything you want from John Mc Entee and co.

Let’s face it they were never liable to pull out a stinker or go all ‘….Insanus’ on us.

Dispensing with anything as superfluous as an intro we’re straight into the curiously titled ‘Muse’ and an instant sense of security in knowing what you’re getting from these guys: rank, foul, fetid, death-doom.

And a shitload of riffs to boot.

Having Dan Swano at the helm for this recent run of records has brought a clarity to the Incantation sound and whether you miss the murk or not there’s no denying it doesn’t half showcase just how many neck rattling riffs Mc Entee can pack into a single (de)composition.

It also shines a light on some stellar bass work from Chuck Sherwood who’s clearly not content to simply back up Mc Entee’s fretwork.

Despite an abundance of twists and turns within, songs are compact, averaging around the four minute mark. There seems to have been a distinct focus on embuing each track with it’s own character.

Eyebrow Raiser

Take for example the album’s mid trio.

‘Incorporeal Despair’ is an obvious eyebrow raiser, all stripped down to the bleached bones and invoking no end of sinister shadows from some dank underground dungeon, Mc Entee’s tortuously strangled vocals a welcome change from his usually limited scope.

It’s but a brief departure though before the short sharp shock balls to the wall attack of ‘Xipe Totec’ and then we’re launched into personal album highlight ‘Lus Sepulcri’ an absolute belter which is no doubt levelling crowds on the circuit already.

It’s quite an accessible piece by their standards, bringing to mind Vader at their peak but don’t worry, theres plenty of muck and mire to get back to here.


An ominously titled, though in truth rather mundane thunder and rain interlude, opens the gates to the records final triptych.

There are further lashings of Incantation’s trademark vomitous death culminating in the six minute funeral dirge that is ‘Ancient’s Arise’ before we’re shat out the other side wondering just why this band is so grossly underappreciated?

For me it’s always been the homogenous nature of those vocals that have kept Incantation just biting at the heels of the Suffos and Immos of this world. Just thinking of Greg Mc Intosh’s performance on the latest Vallenfyre and what that brought to that record.

I do think efforts have been made to address this though, the occasional snarl replacing that bottomless growl for instance and there’s enough variance and individuality throughout these eleven tracks to keep me coming back to this through the darkening months ahead.

3.8 / 5 – David Crampton ::: 11/09/17

  1. Have to say Rites of the Locust sounds Whopper, proper old school death metal that isn’t a bit contrived. I’ve ordered a copy of the album based on that track, I’d lost interest in these lads as they began to tread water but they seem reenergized here.

    Maybe there’s hope for a gig in the Olympia yet! 😛

  2. Is he narrating the lines under the growls? At 1:46 it’s really noticeable. Either way sounds like I’ll be buying this.

  3. It’s a brilliant record , proper death metal done right !!! Best of the recent stuff

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