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Sigurd Wongraven - Satyricon

● Frost's new drumming
● That tour with Pantera
● His medical recovery

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The Metal Insight Podcast #38

PODCAST - The new guys in Pagan Altar and Cirith Ungol

Brendan Radigan and Jarvis Leatherby

What’s it like being a new member in a classic band?

In this episode we find out from two guys that have stepped up to the plate.

Pagan Altar

After the death of Pagan Altar singer Terry Jones, the remaining band – including Terry’s son – needed a singer with the guts to join them for a special tribute to the classic material.

Their answer? Step forward Brendan Radigan from New York. He tells us about the mammoth responsibility to get it right in front of people whose hearts are full of the band’s history.

Cirith Ungol

We then talk to the man that single handedly resurrected one of metal’s most important ever bands – the legendary Cirith Ungol.

Jarvis Leatherby may have been doing just fine in his band Night Demon (who’ll be hitting Ireland this winter, by the way). But he wanted more.

He knew he could get a Cirith Ungol back together despite having not picked up their instruments for 25 years.

He did it: and this is his story.

-Lorcan Archer ::: 11/09/17

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  1. I love Magic Circle, is Radigan going to record with Time Lord moving forward??

  2. I think it’s a bit early in the game for that to be a prospect – they just confirmed their second show yesterday, at Hammer of Doom.

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