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The Metal Insight Podcast #39

Technical ecstasy: labelmates Artificial Brain & Chthe'ilist on pushing boundaries at the creative edge

Insane skills and genre bending metal

Two bands. Labelmates. Expanding the very possibilities of the death and black metal undergrounds.

Artificial Brain’s rhythm section would give an astrophysicist a headache: and in the first half of the podcast, Lorcan Archer meet with them to hear about the lengths they go to to pull off this genre bending, incredibly creative death metal.

Samuel Smith and Keith Abrami wax lyrical about the impact their critically acclaimed “Infrared Horizon” – which got Album Of The Month here not so long ago.

Then the darker, blacker Chthe’ilist. Their main man Philippe Tougas is now recognised as a true creative force pulling off some incredible music – and was honoured here for that last year.

He also joins Lorcan for the podcast to give a true insight into the ways he pushes himself to achieve such ferocious, twisted metal.

-Lorcan Archer ::: 24/09/17

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  1. Nice one. Enjoyed that. Dunno where yer man Phil gets the time. I presume Artificial Brain will be over sooner rather than later.

  2. Yeah, I was well hooked into what the AB guys in particular had to say. Maybe its me getting v sentimental lately or something, but they just reminded me of being the the garage and ripping over intense tech death! They come across as top sound bros as well.

  3. Black Shepherd Says:

    Nice couple of interviews… missing music though! Should slip a track from each band in there CT.

    How about that AB drummer: humility incarnate or what??

  4. open face surgery Says:

    Ya and a Kendrick fan. Some buachaill.

    Agree that a tune from each would bring it together.

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