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Arch Enemy | ‘Will To Power’

The last few years have brought plenty of change to Arch Enemy.

Alissa White-Gluz has taken over as lead vocalist, and shred guitar god Jeff Loomis (formerly of Nevermore) joined after the abrupt departure of Nick Cordle mid-tour.

With ‘Will to Power’ being the first album to feature to feature Loomis, this is the first time fans of Loomis and Arch Enemy will see him add his personal flavour into Arch Enemy.

‘Will To Power’ is the same Arch Enemy sound their fans have grown accustomed to.

Yet there are moments on the album which set it apart from what they have put out before.

‘Reason To Believe’ features clean vocals for the first time in Arch Enemy’s history, and a much more slowly paced ballad feel to the music.

The addition of Jeff Loomis into the fold adds a new texture to the guitar solos of the band.

His solos on songs like ‘Dreams Of Retribution’ and ‘First Day In Hell’ have a clear personality to them and are uniquely identifiable against Michael Amott’s.

The decision to not include Loomis in the writing process of the album and reserve his contribution to just guitar solos is a bit perplexing given he is a well established songwriter (Money? -ed).

It seems like a bit of a waste to let his songwriting chops remain in his side projects.

The listener would be forgiven for thinking the lyrics on this album were written by a young power metal band. They seem far too juvenile to have been written by seasoned metal musicians in their 30’s/40’s.

They feature many overused cliches of metal lyrics (“An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth / And we’re all running scared! / Ashes to ashes / And dust to dust while bombs never rust”) that just seem boring and plain.

The best example I could show is the song ‘Dreams Of Retribution’.

It starts out good, telling the story of someone who’s been nearly killed by another person, and then trapped in a prison of sorts, and swearing vengeance upon them.

However after this is established by the first chorus it just repeats the same plot line and goes nowhere.

With another few verses and choruses left in the song the band could’ve moved the narrative further to a conclusion or establish more context, but instead just repeat the same plot line.

As a whole, if you’re a fan of Arch Enemy and are aching for your fix of radio-friendly melodic death metal, this will keep you happy and will keep the band touring for another 18-24 months.

And if you are a fan of that then it is worth a listen to hear what they have to offer nowadays.

3/5 – Cormac Jordan ::: 27/09/17

  1. Used to love them but last album was pants and what I’ve heard of this is too. Amott seems devoid of ideas for a while now and as reviewer points out the lyrics are pretty rubbish. Loomis is utterly, utterly wasted here.

  2. I just can’t even.

  3. I actually loved this bands first few albums,Burning Bridges especially.

  4. Stigmata and Black Earth for me. Wages Of Sin acceptable. After that – well look at them.

  5. KrakkenKnacker Says:

    grand auld hoop on yer wan though

  6. I’ll stick to Loomis’ solo stuff and keep hoping Nevermore get back together, Arch Enemy are just completely out of ideas

  7. Paycheck metal at it’s finest, music for teenagers

  8. “Chops” the most overused phrase on MI.

  9. brianwilliams82 Says:

    As flat and drab as a Galway accent. But sure it’ll keep them touring and getting good slots on festivals so does it even matter if it’s good or not?

  10. ““Chops” the most overused phrase on MI.”

    It’s the most overused phrase on any publication/site that reviews music.

  11. Arch Enemy, along with so many other established metal bands have been on the insipid conveyor belt for some time now churning out below standard forgettable music.

    Still – going by the 124,000 likes and comments on the youtube video, it still appeals to the metal masses.

  12. open face surgery Says:

    Holy shit!! Was never a fan but that is fucking awful. The power metal chorus is shocking with appalling lyrics but then she goes and does a whispered part. Didn’t think it could’ve got worse but it did. Dogshit all over with the exception of Loomis’s solo.

  13. Deplorable. Hard to believe this is the band once responsible for Transmigration Macabre.

    If this turned up at Eurovision my prick would go back in its pants.

  14. Always a band with fuck all good going for them. I bet without hearing a note of this album, I’ve heard it all already.

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