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Humanity Check | ‘Humanity Check’

Try as I might, there are times that I cant get over some individual element of a band’s sound.

In Humanity Check’s case, it’s the vocals. And the lyrics, to an extent, as well.

The music is solid if uninventive: simple but reasonably effective chug metal of the heavier sort, melodic in parts but with a decent ear (good harmonies here and there for example).

Weirdy, their intro is an incredible likeness for one of my favourite offshoot albums of all time: a little known Relapse curio from a band called Trial Of The Bow, and in this instance their track ‘Ubar’. It’s very, very strangely like Hunamity Check’s ‘Nether’.

Though I’m 100% certain its not a rip. Maybe just something in the water.

Anyhow, back to those vocals. They’re a halfway house between roaring and singing that’s just a bit unsatisfactory – a bellow that always ends on a downward cadence that sounds laboured and tired.

They’re also of the classically dumb ‘I will / you will / I am / You are” style which are just plain tedious really.

There are decent moments. The nice dirty bass that opens ‘Once A Coward’ is cool and the thick, speedy riff that follows. The double kick work and general energy levels in ‘Homeward Bound’ are decent (but ruined by the utterly shit ‘homeward bound/lost and found’ lyrics).

There’s just an overriding sense of absolute ordinariness about it all that no single track ever manages to surpass.

The solos need work and are a bit amateur.

At this point, I usually say something like ‘I could go on’. On this occasion, that’s not really possible, because there’s nothing else much to say.

The band offer nothing to talk about. It’s solid, stock riff metal void of ideas, and at the risk of sounding a down cnut, that’s just the truth of it.

So ten gigs, maybe more, maybe less, but nothing more, I wouldnt have thought.

Well performed, well produced, but identity-less.

Earl Grey ::: 09/10/17

  1. That was fucking brutal. And not in the good way.

  2. I like it!, fuck the griefers!

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