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Sigurd Wongraven - Satyricon

● Frost's new drumming
● That tour with Pantera
● His medical recovery

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The Metal Insight Podcast #40

PODCAST - The Individual Thought Patterns of Death, Deicide & Obituary's Ralph Santolla

Part One - memories of Chuck Schuldiner and that timeless album

He’s the death metal guitarist par excellence.

The man that the most important bands – Death, Deicide, Obituary – called on to join their ranks.

He played with Death on the incredible ‘Individual Thought Patterns’ tour, and is a key part of that amazing brotherhood of musicians.

In Part 1, Ralph shares his ‘Individual Thought Patterns’ on those heady days around 1993 – hanging with Steve DiGiorgio, Jim Morris, Scott Burns, Gene Hoglan and all that crew. He was the guitarist that appeared in ‘The Philosopher’ video, too.

In the next episode, we’ll share his reminiscences of his time in Deicide, and his vital contribution to “The Stench Of Redemption.”


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  1. Great interview, very much looking forward to the Deicide part

  2. Baxedale Thomas Says:

    Interesting comment about Masvidal/Philosopher at the end. Puts a totally new perspective on the song. Also it seems that no matter who comments on working with Chuck they always give vague answers as to his persona. They seem very wary to give a frank opinion. His status in the metal community seems to be so revered that they fear a backlash if they say anything

  3. Good stuff, but the audio levels are all messed up – overall too low, Ralph especially

  4. Yup- Great interview but some unfortunate editing in there.

    EDITED – trufax boss, a bit of smoothing needed. Next episode will be 100% – ed

  5. I always thought it was common knowledge The Philosopher was about Masvidal?

  6. Will this ever appear on the iTunes feed?

  7. It’s there now –

  8. Thanks. Don’t know why but the feed doesn’t work properly (i.e. the same way other podcasts I’m subscribed to)

  9. bob geldof is looking well

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