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Haemorrhage | ‘We Are The Gore’

A no-nonsense, reliable band, Spanish Goregrind veterans Haemorrhage aren’t likely to change their formula.

There isn’t really any reason for them to do so, either.

The ridiculously titled ‘We Are The Gore’ marks only their sixth full-length release in the midst of countless split EPs.

In an archaic subgenre overrun with clones, having little room for evolution and a generally narrow theme, bands that proudly label themselves and adhere to the restrictions of Goregrind will always find difficulty in separating themselves from other competent acts.

To their credit, Haemorrhage successfully express themselves as an act enjoying and having fun with their music in a very honest manner.

Unfortunately, no matter how well performed and presented each track is, most of this has been heard before repeatedly.

‘Miss Phlebotomy’ is the closest to being an outstanding track, with some interesting vocal lines by comparison to the 9 songs which precede it and some neat Death N’ Roll worship halfway through.

All other tracks utterly lack impact for the fact that they sound too familiar and are totally risk-free.

While not having as many cliche movie samples as you’d expect from other Goregrind albums, they are still present throughout ‘We Are The Gore’.

It’s very difficult to pinpoint problems with this release when it’s hard to clearly identify specific moments. There’s not much outstanding, beit positive or negative. It’s all very middle-of-the-road stuff.

Haemorrhage fans may very well be happy with this, and indeed people that enjoy listening to Goregrind in general, but this isn’t an album people outside of those spectrums should really involve themselves with.

‘We Are The Gore’s shortcomings are not a reflection on the band’s passion or ability, but more on how oversaturated Goregrind has become.

2.3 / 5 – Ricardo Angelone ::: 04/11/17

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