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The Metal Insight Podcast #41

PODCAST - Ralph Santolla on bringing new life to Deicide on 'The Stench Of Redemption'

How he fired up a band on the rocks

He replaced the Hoffman Brothers on Deicide’s lead guitar.

That’s no mean feat: and in doing so, he brought Deicide to a new creative peak. One that was undreamed of after a decade in the dirt.

Back in the first episode, guitarist extraordinaire Ralph Santolla told us about his time with Chuck Schuldiner and the dudes from Death.

In this episode we chat about his work with Deicide and Obitiary – about his new project Devils Highway with Steve DiGirgio, Tony Laureano, Kyle Thomas and Matt Brunson. What a line up.


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  1. Good stuff, CT. Interesting and gifted fella, though suggesting only “some” of Murphy’s solos with Obituary is a greater act of blasphemy than anything Benton has done in his entire life.

  2. Martin Wyer Says:

    Another good podcast – very enjoyable!

  3. good listen that, seems like a bang on guy. Would have been good to hear a bit about his time with some other bands like Iced Earth, Millenium or Sebastian Bach

  4. I love the way Earl says…DAY-icide….class 😉

  5. So how do you pronounce deity? :0

  6. I would have presumed it was DEE-icide…but what would I know. Give us Ralph’s number and I’ll ask him 🙂

  7. Franksidebottom Says:

    I heard it being pronounced DEE-icide when they were being introduced for a live album.

  8. Franksidebottom Says:

    On the other hand….. pronunciation here:….0……0i67k1.0.px1Xk6Kq8c4

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