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Rats Blood | ‘Ugly’

One of the finest bands to emerge from the Dublin hardcore scene unleash another assault on the senses for our ears.

It’s been too long since the excellent ‘Low Life.’

But we’ve got this six song 7′ to whet our collective appetites.

Opening with the knowingly titled ‘Dublin’s Got HC’, we get an observation / celebration of the hardcore gigs that occur in places like Jigsaw: “Night closing in / Teeth grinding all around / Bone soaking rain…Jumping off the bar…Sweating out the pain.”

A seriously scuzzy bassline, a crusty guitar riff and hammering drums provide a more than suitable soundtrack for 70 seconds.

‘Alive in the Fight’ doesn’t quite provide the same intensity, but more than makes up for it with a solo straight from the Anti Cimex school of solos.

‘Meatheads’ is an indictment of the sort of Gardai that Paul Williams would rather ignore. The most furious sounding song on here, it speeds along at 60 seconds without ever letting up on the aggression.

Closer ‘Daytime’ is a state of the nation style address at the condition of Dublin.

Featuring some utterly evocative lines like “Faces melt into hollow greys / Hard expressions & swollen hands…Pigeons eating vomit…”, the music allows for an initial midtempo, almost grinding pace before going back into the speed.

Short, succinct and to the point. Rats Blood have done it again. Grab this 7′ as if your life depended on it.

4 / 5 –Christopher Owens ::: 07/11/17

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  1. Great release/band/people.

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