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Sigurd Wongraven - Satyricon

● Frost's new drumming
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Beithioch | ‘Storms Of War’

Beithioch’s development has happened in one of the quieter corners of the Irish underground.

Out of sight, and perhaps out of mind.

All the time though, this beast has been sharpening its claws.

‘Conquest’ was a swirling mass of sound, notable for the suppressed wrath in its dense and clustered sound.

‘Ghosts Of A World Long Forgotten’ was a pivot: less storming armies colliding, more of a doomed offering.

This latest four tracker continues that feel, but ups the songwriting quality bar significantly. It’s the first Beithioch release where you can say yes: that’s a fucking track.

And that much is clear in the magnificent – absolutely magnificent – main riff in ‘The Jaws Of Death’. Who it sounds like, I can’t place. Is there a hint of Abigor in it, slowed down and battered around?

Maybe. There is indeed a frisson of it in that lead guitar lick tone.

It’s heraldic as it opens, before descending into a varied and brutal trawl referencing at times The Ruins Of Beverast.

‘Dornán Talaimh’ has a lot of Burzum in it, musically, but not the Burzum you might expect – not the classics. Instead it harks to ‘Belus’ and ‘Fallen’ with that simple, hypnotic hi-hat lilt and sawing guitar.

The detuned guitar gives it a certain richness and mulch, while that lead tone is yearning. The dissonance at the end reminds of Deinonychus.

Absolute quality, albeit in the smallest dose. Just the way it should be.

3.8 / 5 – Earl Grey ::: 13/11/17

  1. that riff is excellent
    vocals are quite low in mix and it does wander a bit overall

  2. Sounds great. Must pick this up during the week.

  3. open face surgery Says:

    Listened to that yesterday. Really enjoyed it.

  4. Cool riffs indeed. Fair nod to Drudkh in the opening section. I like the doom bit too. As said above, the vocals are a bit buried but overall it doesn’t detract. I must check out some of the older recordings as they never made an impression on me in the past but maybe they’ll register more today. The ‘lead’ guitar reminds me of Slidhr’s contribution to ‘Ex Nihilio’ which is high praise.

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