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Win Metallica ‘Master Of Puppets’ remasters!

UPDATE! So the hand has been stuffed into the bag, and the winners’ names drawn.

The following people will be receiving copies of the remaster within the coming days, to savour all that new tone over the new year.


Peter Queally
Oliver McGahon
Carla Tackney

You’ll be getting them in the post soon – well done and thanks for everyone who entered!


It was the one that got a generation of metalheads hooked.

And, for them, it remains the definitive heavy metal album.

As perfect as it is, Metallica’s ‘Master Of Puppets’ has nonetheless had a remaster. And people have been raving about it – not least here on MI’s forums.

It’s an amazing update on something you thought couldnt be improved.

So… we’ve got three copies of the CD version to give away to a clutch of lucky winners.

Want one? Yes you do!

To enter, email with your postal details, and share this post with the Like button. I’ll announce the winners shortly.

  1. First metal album I ever heard,hooked forever after!

  2. Kieran O'Neill Says:

    Still play it weekly, that album kicks ass.

  3. Miotal Trom Says:

    Yeah it’s one of THE finest albums of all time. Ride is the best ‘Tallica in my opinion, and then this. A true masterpiece.

  4. Listened to bits of this remaster online and in fairness they did a savage job. There’s a genuine, positive difference to be heard for anybody who has lived with the original album for years. Definitely more separation between instruments and all making for that little bit more of a ferocious tone to the guitars in particular.

  5. Just had a flick through the book in the boxset and it has a pic of the SFX and Ulster Hall tickets along with the SFX poster.

  6. For anyone looking to buy the cd I think you need to treat yourself to the three disc edition. The demos and live stuff are gold.

  7. One of if the THE most overrated albums of all time.thanks but I think I’ll pass on this one.

  8. No idea how to share this with the ‘Like’ button, but I shared MI’s post from it’s facebook page.

    The Tweet button worked grand, though.

  9. Eddie…. for dear’s sake.

  10. Nowt overrated about it. Phenomenal album and one of the reasons tonnes of us still talk about Metallica with such reverance nowadays despite their current average musical output.

    Like Miotal Trom, I rate Ride The Lightning above it but there’s simply no denying the calibre and influence of Puppets.

  11. I constantly switch between Ride and Puppets for my personal favourite, but they’re sixteen songs of near perfection. Think I’ll go stick them on now actually…

  12. Such a varied explosion of creativity, melody and aggression, it cannot be praised enough.

  13. AntonArcane Says:

    Tenner says Eddie is a Devin Townsend fan.

  14. Franksidebottom Says:

    Remastered? Another unnecessary release by Metallica, but hey, they’re probably needing the money.

  15. Frank : as I said in an earlier comment I wouldn’t agree. Normally I’d be instantly dismissive of this sort of craic but having listened to the digital release of this out of curiosity, there’s a noticeable difference with this as there have been with the previous remasters. A definite audible difference in the separation of instruments/tracks firstly, which gives the guitars a more razor sharp tone and let’s the bass breathe moreso. They didn’t brick wall it either, surprisingly since that seems what they’ve been at for their last two or three studio albums.

  16. Listen to ride, kill em all and justice more if i’m going for ‘tallica these days, but there’s no denying the quality of puppets. Just not the one I reach for as much in my older age. Must check the re master out, as I always thought the original production on this wasn’t as strong as it should have been.

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