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Album Of The Month December 2017
Autopsy | ‘Puncturing The Grotesque’

Autopsy are just gas.

The thing with them is, you shouldn’t analyze it. There’s no need to think it out.

Like main man Chris Reifert told us back in Podcast #25, ‘It’s childish, but funny”. And frankly, that’s an attitude that there could be a lot more of these days.

30 years into their foetid career their death metal is still filthy. It’s still ugly. And it’s still brilliant.

Now well established as the grand old men of the genre, older and genuinely stinkier than the vast majority of the their peers, they see no reason at all to give a fuck for anything.

And that’s essentially why this latest album is just so good. It’s because its infectious.

Corpses At War

The way it careers through its punky, scuzzy, six proper songs is the absolute opposite of self conscious, styled, planned or finessed. It’s just split your skull death metal with no filter at all.

The opening blast of energy is a rollercoaster of a title track, taking Motorhead influences to the max and setting up the beer spattered tone of the whole thing. ‘The Sick Get Sicker’ has some unexpectedly swish guitar solos, drenched in wah and reverb.

Weirdly (or not) it’s main riff, if anything, reminds of Darkthrone. Then again, they’ve aged together.

For my money ‘Corpses At War’ is the absolute highlight of this album: a booming lick guitar intro with sick wails over the top fades into a militaristic drumroll, all before an irresistible bounce takes over.

‘Gorecrow’ is just a heads down banger that goes from Swedish 90’s pummel to a dark, deep brood, before the punk returns with ‘Fuck You!!!’, originally from their split with Bloodbath.

It’s simple. It’s unaffected, and its real. That’s all there is to it. Just under half an hour of power with no breaks and no filler.

So give me this over the new Morbid Angel any day.

4.6 / 5 – Earl Grey ::: 20/12/17

  1. 4.6 out of 5? Are you fucking kidding me? This is an enjoyable enough romp but nowhere near their best. 4.6 is the type of mark awarded to a Severed Survival or a Mental Funeral.

    Very generous with the points there Mr Earl, I suppose ’tis the season.

  2. Nonsense. It’s just a great fun record, end of.

  3. Fontana Quansworth Says:

    It’s disposable, come back to me in 6 months time and tell me if you’re still listening to it. Tomb within aside, their comeback has been a disappointment.

  4. Sadly as a massive Autopsy fan, I absolutely side with Mr Quansworth here. Still, I’ve seen them live now, so I’ve had my fun.

  5. Fontana Quansworth Says:

    @ Earl Grey I’m curious,have you kept up to speed with Autopsy’s output post reunion ?

    @Jg Yeah, massive fan myself, would still love to see them live. Pity they don’t tour more.

  6. “‘It’s childish, but funny”. And frankly, that’s an attitude that there could be a lot more of these days.”
    Pardon me, but I thought that was the death knell for anything getting reviewed on MI….

  7. Love this band everything up to ‘acts of the unspeakable’ is flawless imo, however i find any post reunion material hit or miss or at least i rarely return to it. Not to say say the new stuff is bad its just that spark is gone, in that way id liken them to Immolation whos last few records though enjoyable solid releases just fail to live up to their previous output. Not bad just not outstanding, still better than the majority of their peers (obituary, vader, cannibal etc) whom seem content to stay in the cycle of record/tour/repeat peddling generic albums. At least Autopsy still seem to actually enjoy what they do and like immolation i reckon you can hear it in their work. Also as a band ive never seen live any chance of getting them here before were all too old to care!? Rant over..

  8. Think it’s been stated fairly clearly on here that 100% not a chance in hell of them ever playing here. Glasgow earlier this year was as close as they’ll ever come. They don’t tour and basically only do one offs.

  9. The old argument of new vs old i believe is partly to do with the attention span. Off course you will always pick Mental Funeral over this as when you got that one there was not the access to music that we now have. That one record got a fair hearing, multiple plays as it had value, the next band was not a click away. If it had been a MF copY that would have been slated, what are they to do? Just tour playing the hits? Then they will get sellouts, nostalgia seekers? Dont tour more complaints. Accept it for what it is Autopsy 2017 – its not like they have went nickleback.

  10. All their stuff since reforming has been poor .they might be having fun but that does not equate to good music.

    On the touring thing they obviously want big pay out for little effort ,hence no long tours .
    as for the idiotic statement that they will never play Ireland ,I’m sure If someone waves a pay check in front of them they will be here with bells on .

    Band are shit after shit fun simple as that .

  11. It’s fine, nothing wrong with it. Sounds good to me. I’ll be getting a copy. A lot of fusspots giving off, I didn’t like their ‘return’ either but this one sounds good.

  12. I’m a massive fan of everything they’ve done. Also Abscess and Eat My Fuk. The new Violation Wound stuff is unreal. Seen them live three times. The new one is decent, not as good as the early classic material but it pisses all over what most of their peers have released this year.

  13. I’d say well done Earl on being able to review the album on its own merits and not in “context” of Autopsy’s back catalogue. Sometimes we just need to breath and take things at face value. There will always be a chorus of “not as good as the old stuff” or “there is better stuff/bands to listen to” but that isn’t always the point.

  14. Fontana Quansworth Says:

    Ah here? A band is always judged against their best work. In this instance the Earl is talking through his bollix. 4.6 is mental for this release. Anyone who knows all of Autopsy’s releases would know that.

  15. Fontana Quansworth Says:

    Back again. Mongreleds logic is unbelievable. Apply that logic to any band. Slayers repentless is an awesome record, just don’t judge it against their best. Same hoes for saint anger. Wow, all of a sudden it’s a cool album!

  16. Hi F.Q. that isn’t where my logic takes me, but I can see how you got to where you are. Of course a bands catalogue of work squirms itself into the mind when reviewing/critiquing material, but then there is the room for just thinking a new release is a great listen and class on it’s own merits. EG’s score isn’t necessarily an attempt to rank this release within Autopsy’s canon of work (but I don’t want to assign attributes not confirmed by the man himself). At the end of the day all we have is opinions, and they can be occasionally divisive indeed!

  17. leatherface Says:

    They have put this review on their Facebook page. Still going to buy this, sounds awesome.

  18. Reminded me of this in places…ILUvzL8L_Lg thou obviously, not fit to lace its boots. It’s a throwaway track to my ears. Straight in one ear and out the other leaving no discernible evidence that you ever heard it behind. Of the comeback stuff, Tomb within was deadly. The rest bored the tits off me. 1.5 turds out of 5.

  19. christorgy Says:

    spot on review of a deadly the pure unashamed “clattyness”of it all. and though i hate saying it,it IS better than the new Morbid Angel.stick a fork in me.

  20. Andrew Cunningham Says:

    Quite clear the reviewer hasn’t done his homework on the recent Autopsy output, cos if he did theres only one conclusion to be had from this ep and that is – it’s shit. Diminishing returns with Autopsy. End of.

  21. I posted it on Eric’s Facebook page.

  22. ,jhzsadgkciwes Says:

    Why oh why does this once great band insist on putting out pointless new releases and instead just get up off their collective arses and do a decent tour to genuinely show fans how much they appreciate them. We don’t want any more run of the mill crap, the classic discography is more than enough thank you….just pack your bags yee lazy so and so’s….;)

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