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Sigurd Wongraven - Satyricon

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Weed Priest | ‘Consummate Darkness’

I’ve always had a soft spot for Weed Priest.

They know what a tune is, and they know how to grind it all out over the millstone of slobbering, catharric sludge doom.

They’re consistent.

So this new one is more a continuation of their well established sound rather than any kind of mould breaking surprise.

It’s always going to be more of a question of just how churning and filthy the overall enterprise is rather than any new developments.

If anything, this one’s got a little more moderate – a little more consumable.

‘Witch’s Curse’ will no doubt be a live favourite here, rewarding with slow, hair swaying riff nuggets across its 8 minutes (typical of each of these long tracks).

There’s a slightly more attentive focus on the guitar tone on this one: as ‘Vampyr’ in particular shows, it’s warmer, rounder, vintager, and fuzzier. This is probably the more Desert track on offer, with a loose, scorced feel.

‘Sky Daddy’ (great title) is the bounciest of the four, chuntering along with its mucus-y groove, with little cymbal snaps providing the hooks.

If you like them – if you like stoner style sludge at all – you’ll likely find this very satisfying.

I find the samples sort of drag it down just a tad (not sure exactly what or where they’re from – they’re just a bit odd) but that’s an absolutely minor complaint.

It’s assured, chunky, and satisfying in a genre that’s never going to be the most dynamic. Pretty decent, in other words.

Earl Grey ::: 12/01/18

  1. Tones are way better on this release. Digging this a lot.

  2. Addictive

  3. This is excellent

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