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Sigurd Wongraven - Satyricon

● Frost's new drumming
● That tour with Pantera
● His medical recovery

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#43- The dark art of Chelsea Wolfe

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The Metal Insight Podcast #43

Chelsea Wolfe talks 'Hiss Spun', fashion, insomnia and grunge

Dark rock's leading lady, in conversation

Chelsea Wolfe is dark rock’s leading lady at the moment.

Mixing hard rock, grunge, goth, electro, a teeny bit of metal into a thriving and emotional tour de force – where music meets aesthetic perfectly.

In this episode of the Metal Insight Podcast she talks to Earl Grey about how her new album ‘Hiss Spun’ came together.

She also considers her role as an aesthete. Someone who’s marrying image to her music – and importantly, how important fashion and photography are to her.

Lately we thought ‘Hiss Spun’ was an essential record. And it wasnt the first time. Her last record, ‘Abyss’, was remarkable as well.

From her style to her sound, she’s an artist very much leading the way.


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  1. absolutely loved her last album.
    must check this out when i get home.

  2. Cool interview. Would love to catch her live soon.

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