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Jun 2005
Bloody Pit of Horror
PostPosted: Wed Sep 20, 2017 3:59 pm 

Caller of the Black wrote:
The aesthetic of the 90s Games Workshop output plus getting into metal had such a ridiculous impact on my formative years. Just seemed to go hand in hand seamlessly.

Likewise. The imagery in those books and games had such a strong parity with Heavy Metal, I think it was my affinity for those books as a kid in the mid to late 80’s that was part of the reason I was later drawn to the music which shared such a similar aesthetic.

I often wonder was the inspiration for the Khorne sigil the Dead Kennedy logo on its side? They definitely stole the Einsturzende Neubauten logo for Slannesh.

The sole reason I picked up Bolt Throwers Realm’s of Chaos in my early teens was because it featured the afore mentioned John Sibbick artwork that was initially used for the 1st edition 40k Rogue Trader rulebook.

For those interested Humble Bundle are doing a WHFRP bundle at the moment -all nowadays stuff, but the top tier includes a digital copy of the original WHFRP rule book (where both the cover of Sabbat's History of a time to come and Cloven Hoof's Dominator were plucked from) - Would love to see this happen with both of those Realm’s of Chaos books - The Lost and the Damned and Slave to Darkness. Both hardcover editions passed though my hands back in the day and I wish I’d held onto them.


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