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Mar 2017
PostPosted: Wed Jan 10, 2018 10:32 pm 


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Saturnal Records is proud to announce the world wide release date for Finnish black heavy metal cult FUNERARY BELL’s sophomore album ”Undead Revelations” for 23th February 2018. Expect nothing more than old school metal vibes mixed with horror and occult in the form of black heavy metal of death!

It has been couple of years since the release of acclaimed ”Graveyard Séance” EP and the Finnish black heavy metal cult FUNERARY BELL returns with their anticipated second full-length album aptly titled for ”Undead Revelations” to redeem the dark promise given with predecessor!

The band has always drawn their inspirations from old school metal ever since their debut EP ”The Second Manifestation” that saw the day of light in 2009, yet now with ”Undead Revelations” the band has embraced a whole new level of old school atmosphere with very strong touch of classic heavy metal sound that has been assimilated together with their distinct blend of black and death metal sound they are known for. Lyrically and thematically their ethos draws from horror, mysticism and occult which all together comprises brazen and relentless black heavy metal!

”Undead Revelations” will be out 23th February 2018 world wide.