Graspop Metal Meeting 2018
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May 2015
PostPosted: Fri Jun 29, 2018 8:47 pm 

thebronze14 wrote:
Glad I'm not the only one who enjoyed Limp Bizkit!Nostalgic and was more like a covers band!

Was outside the tent for Darkness, as good as ever. Didn't enjoy COC though and there was a surprisingly poor crowd there. Enjoyed Manson too.

Gutted I prob won't get to go to this with work next year. What good fests be on July/August? Was looking at the lineup for Wacken this year and that is one that could be hit

Break Stuff and Insane in the Brain with Sen Dog,the crowd surfin wheelchair girl, shout outs to Maynard James Keenan and Tim Comerford all good fun :D

Did Wacken (going this year too),Summer Breeze,Brutal Assault out of the ones taking place around that time. Wacken is absolutely gigantic next year is their 30th anniversary so you'd imagine something big planned, Summer Breeze is well over half the size of Wacken and usually has some of it's bands sweet location somewhere in middle between Nuremberg and Stuttgart. Brutal Assault then is easily my favourite of those it's about 2 hours from Prague takes place in a fortress usually the headliners are ones that would sub Bloodstock or the headliner considered the most metal there Behemoth,Gojira,Danzig,Cannibal Corpse this year for instance. It has the most ease you'd have at a festival no real walking distance to everywhere, wouldn't break the bank either 1 euro beers inside in the arena and everything :wink:

spoderman01 wrote:
Glorified nails it. Nothing special about them at all. Depp wasn't exactly a standout guitarist, Perry and Cooper were decent without doing anything amazing. I can understand wanting to see those guys if you'd missed them before but surely you'd want to see them doing their own stuff...not boring versions of Doors tunes. Maybe it's just me but if I wanted to see a covers band, I'd have gone down to the Classic Rock bar near the entrance. Instead, all I saw was a group of auld lads taking a main stage slot from bands with more originality but less star power.

I get ya, didn't catch the Doors cover ha ya I only caught their end... guess the fact I mentioned I'm Eighteen and Sweet Emotion says it all even though I did hear Johnny Depp sing Heroes not the worst but nothing mind blowing as you suggest we all know of people/friends who do that stuff to a t too where's their main stage spot before Judas Priest blow them a new one? :lol:


Dec 2010
PostPosted: Sun Jul 01, 2018 12:05 am 

That was a great weekend!! Same issues with missing bands due to having to walk 45 mins to the car for booze, sounds like I was camped near some of ye lads. No problems getting wristbands at 4/5pm but I did nor expect the campsite to be so full.
Parkway drive was suprisingly probably the highlight for me, but that may have to do with not be able to fully remember some of the other bands I've seen....
I thought Corrosion of Conformity were excellent. I watched Skindred, whom I've never heard of before, with some random Aussies and some fella from Dublin and they were pretty good. Bloodbath on Saturday were insanely good, met a few Derry heads after that too.
Ozzy sounded great but I only watched a few songs before going to see Meshuggah destroy the stage.
I wasn't going to bother with Megadeth cos I've seen them a few times, but I'm glad I went cos the crowd where I was were giving it absolute socks and I had a great time. Some of those Belgium crowds can be fierce mild!
A Perfect Circle was a nice way to wrap up the weekend, band wise.

It's been a few years since I was last there but I'd go back again for sure.


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