Boss ES-8

Mar 2006
PostPosted: Wed Nov 22, 2017 5:49 pm 

I think I might be in love.....

It has only been this week that I've had a chance to really sit down with this thing but it's absolutely immense. The amount of control this gives you is insane. Within about 5 mins, the basic loop on/off stuff makes sense. Moving the loops around is possible but doesn't bother me that much, same with adding parallel loops which is possible. The real funkiness comes once you start digging around the menus.

The MIDI pedals can be setup pretty quickly after some quick dicking around in the pedals themselves to set channel numbers and MIDI thru settings. I have mine running outside of the 8 loops but still controlled by the ES-8. The basic PC/CC message sending is pretty straightforward once you have the mapping docs. Can handle up to 8 MIDI devices with 1 PC and 2 CC msgs for each of the 8 slots.

Can also set up 2 expression pedals to control MIDI pedals (or something like the PitchFork that has an EXP port). Can even change settings on more than one pedal at the same time with the pedal...change pitch on one preset and increase delay time on another for example. For something like the H9, where you can specify multiple parameters for the toe/heel positions, you can go pretty nuts with the EXP pedal.

And you can re-assign pretty much every button on the thing as well so when in a preset, you can deactivate the button for loop '7' for example and re-assign it as pretty much whatever you want...a momentary switch on a loop that wasn't in the original preset, a mute function, a message send to select a new preset on a MIDI pedal, tap tempo, amp channel change, pretty much anything.

Apologies for the long post but this is the craziest yoke I've ever played around with. It even gets along with the Ocean far :lol: