Orange Rocker 30 head £400 and Orange Cab 4x12 £400

Oct 2015
PostPosted: Fri Sep 14, 2018 10:46 am 

£400 each for these. Rocker 30 is such a versatile head does everything from bell like cleans to classic rock to doom and that's all without any pedals. two is just volume no eq, just the sound of your guitar 1-10 clean volume other channel is dirty and gives you everything youd want, 3 band eq, volume and gain( ALL THE GAIN). You can literally play anything on this head and itll sound amazing. These are discontinued and much sought after, this is a bargain price for it. Well maintained and serviced.

Also for sale. Orange 4x12 cab, few scuffs but otherwise perfect working order. The best sounding cab in the world. Hands down.
Used by everyone from James Brown to Sabbath to Mastodon to Sleep and everyone inbetween. You will never sound better than when you play through an Orange.

£400 each, cab retails at £865. Head discontinued, this will only increase in value.

Buy both £750. Gumtree for pics. ... ios_social ... ios_social