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Worthless Recluse
Posted: Wed Nov 02, 2011 9:50 pm Reply with quote
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The cassettes below are currently available for €5 from Into the Void, also Loki Records, Plugd and Elastic Witch. There'll be mail order available soon also.

I put this in off-topic but there's some very on-topic stuff to come!

RAISING HOLY SPARKS - Beyond the Unnamed Bay

David Colohan has operated under the name Agitated Radio Pilot since
1993. The development of a new approach based on field-recordings, shapenote singing, loops and synths, and coloured by an interest in Hasidic mysticism, prompted the winding up of that project and the adoption of a new identity: Raising Holy Sparks.

The debut release 'Beyond the Unnamed Bay' features a pair of side-long suites made up of songs and instrumentals. The well-crafted balladry of Here Begins Our Lasting Joy will be familiar to fans of ARP's World Winding Down album, while the lengthy The Depths of Bailey Point follows on from the abstract and atmospheric works found on The Lunar Arcane and The Days and Hills Grown Old. However the synth-pop stylings of As Far As We Can Go presents Colohan's songwriting in an unexpected new context.

The album draws together the strands of Colohan's earlier music into a more cohesive whole and a richer sonic palette, aided by Vicky Langan
(Wölflinge, United Bible Studies) and Declan Q Kelly, with guest appearances including Stefan Neville (Pumice), Richard Moult and Audrey Ryan. The cassette includes a download code, and the cover art features the RHS logo designed by Oscar Strik.

You can stream the whole thing (and download two tracks) here:

The Dreamlike States of UNITED BIBLE STUDIES

Having been asked to play at the seventh Terrastock Festival in Louisville, Kentucky, United Bible Studies embarked on a three-week tour of the USA alongside Oxford-based folk singer Sharron Kraus. This cassette is compiled from recordings of those 2008 shows.

This is arguably the most comprehensive UBS release to date, representing both the psychedelic, improvisatory side of the band as well as their roots in traditional song, along with some surprises, such as an ethereal version of John Dowland's Flow My Tears. It's also unique due to the prominent presence of the aforementioned Kraus, and marks the first UBS appearances from Michael Tanner (Plinth, Mark Fry) who has gone on to become a key member of the band. David Colohan, Richard Moult, Áine O'Dwyer, Gavin Prior, and Tuula Voutilainen complete the core lineup, and guests include Jesse Poe and members of Khouetek and Talbam. The album ends with sax colossus Paul Flaherty being coaxed onto a New Haven stage for a visceral 14-minute blowout.

This eclectic, sprawling, ragged album works as a reflection of the tour in microcosm. It contains 16 tracks in 83 minutes, and includes a download code (including extra artwork). Cover art by AntimonyMedia.

Some sample tracks:

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Posted: Fri Nov 04, 2011 11:59 am Reply with quote
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Nice one.Will be nipping up to the void for these at lunch time. Is this your label Paul?
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Worthless Recluse
Posted: Fri Nov 04, 2011 4:59 pm Reply with quote
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Tis Jamie, and cheers. Small piece in the Journal of Music today too:
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Posted: Fri Nov 04, 2011 5:16 pm Reply with quote
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Sounds good Paul!! Best of luck.
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Prolonged Spumesence
Posted: Fri Nov 04, 2011 5:19 pm Reply with quote
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Great to see someone with a broad and wildly eclectic taste in music like yourself doing something like this.
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Eoin McLove
Posted: Sat Nov 12, 2011 1:55 pm Reply with quote
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Support. Gonna grab those tapes today along with the Drainland stuff if I have any money in my account.
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Worthless Recluse
Posted: Wed Feb 22, 2012 5:56 pm Reply with quote
Joined: 26 Apr 2008 Posts: 1959 Location: Underground Church
Thanks for the support and kind words folks.

Two new releases available now from Into the Void and elsewhere. Many of you will be familiar with the mighty Woven Skull, and the Áine O'Dwyer tape is highly recommended for those of a doomy disposition... basically if you think an album of church organ improvisations is a good idea, you will like it Wink

WOVEN SKULL - Moods of the Hill People - FEF3

Woven Skull formed in 2008 and are based in Co. Leitrim, consisting of core members Natalia, Aonghus and Willie, and occasional guests. Their mostly acoustic, recurrent, and resonant sounds and structures are inspired by the woods and bogs that surround them.
'Moods of the Hill People' was recorded last year at Drumnadubber Wood and in St John's Church, Drumshambo, and is reminiscent of the pastoral side of Faust, Amon Düül or Ghost (Jpn), but with an aggressively minimalist and repetitive slant. At times it could pass for an unusually focused '60s commune jam. Elsewhere the impression is of something far more and ancient and ritualistic. Mesmeric, mantric and mysterious.

1/1. Cattlemart Crows (8.23) 1/2. Oweynagat (5.58 )
2/1. Melissa's Woods (11.46) 2/2. The Hollow Dark (3.41)

Numbered edition of 100. Contains insert with larger reproduction of cover art. Artwork by Jane Lives.

ÁINE O'DWYER - Music for Church Cleaners - FEF4

Áine O'Dwyer hails from Pallasgreen, Co Limerick, and is currently based in London. She is best known as a harpist, and has worked with United Bible Studies, The Cloisters, Mark Fry, The A Lords, Richard Moult and Piano Magic among others.
Last year Áine recorded a series of improvisations on the organ in St Mark's Church, Islington - as the title suggests, in the presence of the (occasionally audible) cleaning staff. The eight pieces are meditative and often melancholic, driven by Áine's strong melodic and structural sensibility, and drenched in the rich Gothic ambience of the space. The spirit of John Cage is evident both in the minimalist approach and in an openness to serendipitous (and comical) interjections from cleaners and stray children. An album of tremendous depth, power and beauty.

1/1. Pedal Danse (7.12) 1/2. The Feast of Fools (9.50) 1/3. In A Fugue State Of Mind (4.25) 1/4. Harold Campings Lament (5.30) 2/1. For The Souls Of Our Fleas (3.18 ) 2/2. The Little Lord Of Misrule (7.23) 2/3. An Unkindness Of Ravens (4.37) 2/4. The Chapel On The Hill (1.37)

Numbered edition of 100. Contains photo insert. Artwork by Áine O 'Dwyer.

fortevilfruit (at) gmail
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Worthless Recluse
Posted: Tue May 15, 2012 4:00 pm Reply with quote
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New releases:

FEF5 - NAYTHEN WILSON - This is a Death Dream
An album of Jandek covers from a Maine-based musician

Full info & samples:

FEF6 - WRECK OF THE HESPERUS - Terminal Eulogy
Compiles the band's long unavailable first two demos

Full info & samples:

Available from Into the Void or directly from the label, elsewhere soon.
fortevilfruit (at) gmail
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Worthless Recluse
Posted: Tue Jul 31, 2012 9:31 am Reply with quote
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New tapes available at Into the Void or direct (and elsewhere soon)

KORPERSCHWACHE - Heartwarming Tales from the Good Book - FEF7

Korperschwache were formed in Austin, Texas in 1995 and consist of human RKF and non-human Doktor Omega. Their discography runs to over 30 titles, including a double-CD collaboration with Dublin's To Blacken The Pages. The band's style is reminiscent of Godflesh / Jesu crossed with the blackened psych of Skullflower, the claustrophobic bleakness of Khanate, and the monolithic noise of Prurient.

Heartwarming Tales from the Good Book is something of a concept work, with the titles referring to some of the nastier Old Testament verses from a time before benevolence was part of the deity's job description. The music itself comes across as representing the grief and despair of the hapless humans suffering God's wrath. It's a varied album, ranging from hypnotic industrial metal, to violent glitch, seething ambience, and minimalist guitar meanderings, and is imbued with a harsh digital sheen that is simultaneously unsettling and exhilarating.

Each copy includes a unique bible page imprinted with the Korperschwache logo and a download code. Numbered edition of 100.
Full info & samples:

LINGUA FUNGI - Vigil for the Snail Lovers - FEF8

Lingua Fungi is a solo ambient / drone project from Jaakko Padatsu of Oulu, Finland, who is also one half of Asio Otus. There have been two full length Lingua Fungi CDs so far, as well as a split with Shrine (Bulgaria) and a collaboration with Alio Die (Italy).

Vigil for the Snail Lovers was recorded in 2009 and is arguably Padatsu's bleakest work to date, suggesting solitary, troubled wanderings in dark forests and on stony shores, though some kind of resolution seems to be arrived at towards the end. It's an hypnotic and immersive listen with an organic, nocturnal vibe. The mood is beautifully echoed in the cover painting by Elaine Ní Cuana, aka Sgraffito, whose work many of you will be familiar with from releases by Procession, Moss, Lord Vicar, Darlkest Era etc.

Numbered edition of 100. Includes download code.

Samples & further info:
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Worthless Recluse
Posted: Thu Oct 04, 2012 1:34 am Reply with quote
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New releases

RICHARD MOULT - Rodorlihtung - FEF9

Richard Moult is an English composer, artist and poet currently living in remote northern Scotland. His solo work includes two albums for the Second Language label, "Celestial King for a Year" and the recently released "Yclypt". FEF followers may also know him as a member of United Bible Studies and from his appearance on the Raising Holy Sparks debut.

"Rodorlihtung" is a three-part piano-based suite tracing a journey from the East Sussex coast, to the mountains of Wester Ross, North Scotland, and finally arriving under the starry skies of the Hebridean Isles (the title itself being an obscure Old English word meaning 'the brightness of the starry skies').

Each movement is longer and more brooding than the last, culminating in the self-styled "classical doom" of the side-long third part, which was recorded in an East Sussex church during sessions for the "Ethe" album, and ends with the eerie barking of a fox. The mood of this meditative and engrossing album is perfectly encapsulated by the artist's cover painting.

FERN FLOOR - Elder - FEF10

Fern Floor were formed in 2011 and feature members of Wreck of the Hesperus, Sodb, United Bible Studies, Council of Tanith and Last Word Spoken. To date they've kept a low profile and have played only a handful of gigs, but this debut mini-album is a testament to countless rehearsal hours honing subtly complex songs.

The band's mostly acoustic, pastoral style recalls the progressive folk of the 60s and 70s, but is devoid of any revivalist intent or nostalgic gimmickry. Instead, "Elder" contains six memorably melodic, dynamically arranged tracks - two from each of band's three principal songwriters, Andrew Cunningham, Emer Brady and Andrew Fox - with sensitive and inventive playing from piper Ian Lynch, bassist Fergal O'Reilly and drummer Ray Keenaghan.

Prepare to have these songs take up residency in your brain, and to wonder how you did without them.

Intricate cover art comes courtesy of Jane Lives - you'll need to pore over the included mini-poster to appreciate all the detail! Numbered edition of 100. Includes download code.
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Worthless Recluse
Posted: Thu Jan 24, 2013 3:56 am Reply with quote
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Out now:

MEITHEAL - Early in the Spring, Late in the Fall - FEF11

Mike Gangloff (Pelt, Black Twig Pickers), Vicky Langan (Wölflinge), David Colohan (Raising Holy Sparks, United Bible Studies), play shape note hymns in a fiddle-led drone style. Recorded live in Newcastle and Cork.

Listen / buy:


Split featuring two new projects of the utmost grimness from members of Wreck of the Hesperus.

Listen / buy:

Both also available at Into the Void
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Worthless Recluse
Posted: Tue Jan 29, 2013 2:47 am Reply with quote
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It's not all filth, we have Off Topic too!
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Worthless Recluse
Posted: Mon Jun 10, 2013 9:37 pm Reply with quote
Joined: 26 Apr 2008 Posts: 1959 Location: Underground Church
The most recent four releases, in Into the Void and Loki now and should be in Plugd and Wingnut Galway in the next few days. Also can be ordered via Bandcamp or

INNERCITY - Mental Institution for Outsider Drone Music - FEF16
Innercity is Belgian Hannss Dens' prolific and relentlessly exploratory synth project, which stands in contrast to the prevailing escapist vibes of the synth underground in favour of a more visceral, rough-hewn soundworld.
As the title hints, this release is Innercity at its most askew and disorientating, evoking grimy urban scenes infused with comedown paranoia and sleep-deprived jitteriness. The two long tracks are more sustained and less episodic than much of Dens' earlier work.
Art by Alan Doyle

MODULATOR ESP - Inner Cosmos - FEF15
Modulator ESP is Nottingham resident Jez Creek’s vehicle for improvised electronica. While most obviously indebted to Kosmische pioneers such as Klaus Schulze and Tangerine Dream, Creek’s long-form, mercurial and intensely psychedelic explorations veer unpredictably between noise, drone and ambient. As well as a host of self-released CDRs, Jez performs live every fortnight on the show Adventures in Sound.
"Inner Cosmos" is a massive 90-minute trip taking in shifting seismic drones, clouds of atonal noise and unexpected oases of melody.
Art by Dolorosa

ROMANNIS MÖTTE - Kozmische - FEF14
North Carolina's Chad Davis is best known as the multi-instrumentalist behind acclaimed doom band Hour of 13, and was also a member of spacerockers U.S. Christmas. For the last decade, Davis has quietly been performing and recording analogue synth music as Romannis Mötte, but has yet to release any until now. As the album title suggests, the project is primarily influenced by Kosmische pioneers Klaus Schulze, Manuel Göttsching and Tangerine Dream, with the occasional hint of John Carpenter's soundtrack work.
Though undeniably rooted in a late-70s / early-80s style, this is no mere exercise in vintage gear fetishism. Davis' carefully arranged, slowly unfurling pieces reward repeated and attentive listening, and show a musical polymath at ease in a style we might not have associated him with, but for which his passion is obvious.
Kozmische is also to be released on vinyl and CD on other labels, with different artwork and slightly different track listings.

HAMMEMIT - The Ghastliere Morrowe - FEF13
Michael Morthwork is responsible for English black metal / noise project Emit. The evolution of a more ambient sound necessitated the establishment of a new identity: Hammemit. Releases to date have included the albums Spires Over The Burial Womb (2008) and Nature Mystic (2009).
The self-description "modern music for medieval sensibilities" (and vice versa) turns out to be evocative, with reverbed guitars enveloping the listener in a murk of olde religion and hermitic ritual from occult corners of a distant dark age.
The two tracks on side one of this cassette originally appeared last year as an 8" acetate on the PseudoArcana label. On this expanded reissue, the stylistic scope is broadened by the addition of a further four-song suite, taking in pastoral flute, harrowing chanting, and Hainoesque guitar drone.
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