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Inside | ‘Demo’

Inside have certainly come up trumps with their production, a credible effort handled by the band themselves, but I feel that the music needs just a dash more thought.

This four tracker resides on that line typcally and tentatively straddled by many a Northern Irish band; like many before them it is obvious that grunge has been the founding influence of the band, but that their latter-day metal listening has worked its way in to produce a very heavy melodic rock.

The opener “Torn” gave rise to some strong concerns on account of its similarity to a certain lumberjack shirted American nu-sensation of the moment, but the powerful double bass drumming that underpins most of the heavier elements of Inside’s music seems to me to be a direct influence from Sepultura.

The solos seem to have taken hefty reference from “Justice” era Metallica, the riffs from the aforementioned Brazillians with a pic ‘n’ mix assortment of any mainstream heavy music post 1995, and the vocals… well, unfortunately nu-metal style aggro is there throughout, but its clear that an Alice in Chains influence has been had.

Like I said, this formula has provided the sonic starting point for a million and one Belfast bands over the years from Petroleum Spirits to Sift to Rehash to well, everyone. Lately I have to say that Involution are doing this more convincingly than Inside, but this demo should provide alot of listening pleasure to those into heavier grunge and more commercial metal.

My opinion then is that they need to make their fusion of grunge and metal just a bit more coherent. Its well played; but they must do more to stand out from the pack.

2.7 / 5 –Earl Grey ::: 29/01/02

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