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Bloodbox | ‘Structure Against Self’

Ireland’s Bloodbox are an intriguing proposition, and probably a love it or hate it one too. Fusing elements of death metal with hard drum & bass, industrial and pure noise, its a confusing and yet strangely compelling listen. This cd that the band have sent me, “Structure Against Self” (a very Meshuggah esque title!) is not the finished version and as they point out themsleves the mixing is raw.

The title is indeed apt as these lads seem to abhor any form of structure – each of the 7 tracks on here vary quite wildly and the only common thread linking each is just… madness I guess. Sometimes, as on the intro, I am reminded of Englands Force of Hate, with drum loops and sampling. “S U 10 Says” though has a sort of rap or hip hop groove that actually reminded me of Body Count for some reason.

Aside from the vocals’ mix presence, I find them to be just a little random in places, and maybe a little too ad hoc. “Self Inflicted” is a straight brutal death metal work out powered by what sounds like a drum machine, and has good riffs – but again the random nature of the vocals sort of take away from it a bit. “Saviour” is better though, fusing death metal with the industrial sampling. Up next… reggae a la Dub War and mad random noise.

Like I said, somehow its compelling listening even though most of the time you arent quite aware of what is going on. Aside from that we have cheeky Slayer samplings amongst other things. Its good…just very different. Get a copy off them, you might surprise yourself – but its not for the faint of heart. The mark below indicates that the ideas are good and bountiful; the rough edges just need a lot of work.

3.1 / 5 – Earl Grey ::: 5/06/02

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