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Ketzer | ‘Heathen Dawn’ Demo

Bedroom black metal…. whats it worth? Alot of people would say nothing.

The shrill useless riffs, abominable production values and egomania generally turn a lot of people off. But Ive been there myself, so I sympathise – the thrill and purity of the endeavour, not to mention the challenge and fun of it all, is something that just doesnt translate to the recorded medium.

So these artistes generally grow up, join a real band and make their way into the music collective. The grainy forest imagery on the xerox sleeve, the use of cassette tape, the runic mumbo jumbo, the evil pseudonyms – Ketzer have filled all the requirements for underground Black Metal in all aspects. Except – some would say crucially – the music.

I cant review something I cant hear, and this is totally rediculous. There is a fizzy something in there, somewhere, and a few ill timed pops are to be discrened. But trying to make out either riffs or structure is futile. Recoded in “Mortal Dreams Studios”, AKA their bedroom hi-fi, the two youngsters here have shot themselves in the foot before they start out on the long road to critical acclaim.

I would never disparage anyone’s attempts in this sphere – I know how it feels to do this sort of thing, and I encourage them wholeheartedly to stick at it. At the same time though I have to be brutally honest and just say straight out that this is not the way to go about making music. Why not just invest a little time and money in a proper production – even a 4 track would be preferable to this crap. As for the music (that I can make out) – its poorly played and generic with pretty feeble vocals, but all this will doubtless be cured in time.

I cant in any seriousness give this any sort of rating, but I can give advice to the lads: Its all very well having all this neo pagan, heathen front-esque imagery, and it looks grim and evil etc etc. Unfortunately you have to have the music to back it up. I wish them well for next time, hopefully with a proper recording.

Earl Grey::: 22/10/02

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