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Imhumane | ‘Promo 2006’

Inhumane really have not had the luck they deserve, with motorbike and moshpit accidents hampering their ability to get gigging again to promote their dyed in the wool deffukkinmetal.

In recently recruiting drummer Anthony Weston (who currently also thumps tubs in Residual Effect ) they made a shrewd acquisition however, and they have been far from idle in their forced break. Cue then this two track demo to show what the band are about in 2006, and a welcome return to the fray.

In absolute honesty however, this demo really is quite rough around the edges, and hopefully we can expect more when it comes to any future and lengthier recording. Although it’s packed with an infectious aggression, and a genuine air of the classic death metal macabre, one simply has to note that improvements could be made.

Opener ‘Remorse’ is more or less the definition of death metal in Ireland over the last decade: brutal and chunky but with a vague hint at atmosphere through the melodic lead lines. This song is that style to a tee – but the doubled lead lines arent in tune, and it’s something that could easily have been fixed. Similarly the rapid delivery of the vocals means they dont always land correctly, which despite the head smashing brutality of the delivery remains a little unprofessional.

Thankfully ‘Drill Bit Sanity’ eschews attempts at melody for an all out assault, and benefits immensely. Good snare rolls and abundant double bass make this one infinitely more enjoyable, but even then a few touch ups could easily have turned it from good to incredible.

They’ll know for next time. On a side note, Inhumane’s approach needs commending. Two sharp songs, no usual bullshit about it being an ‘EP’, a simple ‘promo 2006’ title, short bio and then a fist in the face of death metal. That’s how it used to be done, and that’s how it should be done: demo bands across the country, take note.

– Earl Grey::: 09/04/06

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