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Album Of The Month October 2011
Evile | ‘Five Serpents Teeth’

There can be no doubt about it – this is a monster. Evile have upped their game so thoroughly they’re about to leave even the biggest thrash bands in the world in thrall to this storming metal workout. The energy in it is just furious.

Of course it’s not just about energy. Many bands can do that. It’s about impeccable songwriting. Every single track on this beaut has something to offer, and there’s literally not a second wasted.

The other reason it’s great is clarity. There is nothing on here other than full out metal, in all it’s uncomplicated greatness. No subgenres, no gimmicks. Just metal.

Though it opens in incredibly assured fashion with the title track, the album kicks in proper with the absolute thrash pelter ‘In Dreams Of Terror’. It’s a dark track that harnesses incredibly quick riffwork chops with the kind of brooding atmosphere that pervaded Metallica’s best records.

Then it’s into ‘Cult’. If this isn’t on every rock dancefloor in the world from now on, there’s a problem. It’s just massive, and so, so, satisfying. After that, cut to ‘Eternal Empire’ – like some sort of mix between ‘Master Of Puppets’ mood and Annihilators lock tight speed. It’s an amazing track.

Vocally it’s a stormer. Of course Matt Drake is going for Hetfield-isms, that’s the lineage. Where it’s a problem for everyone else it’s a bonus for Evile. The reason is that they’re actually developing the influence, moving it on with a diamond quality interpretation of their own. Finally he’s got the authority and the tone of vintage Jaymez, without being a mere copy cat. He’s playing the ball, not the man.

Then there’s the instrumentation. Part of what’s great here is the guitar layering, and the use of bucket loads of expertly chosen (and in some cases 4 layer deep) harmonies to lift the music to anthem status. The solos too are a joy. Check out the flair and skill, just the command, of the licks in Xaraya for a single example.

The whole album is amazing. There’s not even much point analysing it all, though I could go on for hours about musical proficiency, devastating production, great drumming – the list is long. The reason it’s so brilliant is its accessibility, and not having compromised for a second in delivering it.

This stuff is fast, punchy, addictive, memorable and fiery. The fact that its unclouded the usual useless shit added on by identikit bands and desperate record labels is all the better. There isnt a pick of fat on Evile. They’re a lethal band, pure and simple, and it carries them all the way through these ten proto-classics.

I haven’t been as enthused about a plain old metal album in ages. No matter what you think about this band or the coverage they get, dismiss it from your mind and buy this cd. You’ll be smitten with it out of nothing more than pure gratitude for a band having made a metal album that’s fast, hard, inventive and catchy, without a load of image and blabber to have to take with it.

They’ve taken the classic mega-metal sounds of the 80s and early 90s institutions and updated them beautifully. In a way, staying so close to that formula must take a great deal of courage. Yet they must surely know that these songs are just so much better than everyone elses that complaints about being derivative are blown out the window.

Get it immediately. This and the Hell album have just made 2011.

4.8 / 5 – Earl Grey ::: 14/10/11

  1. Killer album, start to finish.

  2. Super stuff alright. Really good.

  3. Fucking incredible album from start to finish.

  4. bought this album yesterday and im still playin it right now fucking class. the musicianship on this album is fucking amazing
    matt drakes singing has seriously come along snce infected nations and Ol’s leads just keep gettin better.

    ‘descent into madness’ is defo my fav track. 10 fucking stars to these dudes.

  5. not a good track to put up to validate the opinion that this is a good album. in fairness ol is a fantastic lead player, but looking at what you guys wrote, its begs the question are we even listening to the same songs


  6. Totally agree with the review, this album is a monster.
    Go out & get it asap.

  7. You’re on top of the game. Thanks for shaignr.

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