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Disconnect | ‘Dis-Ease’

Some of the most exciting sounds in the world are those of musicians picking up their instruments for the first time and realising “Fuck, we can DO something.”

Disconnect are the perfect example of this.

Coming from the post apocalyptic wastelands of Newtownards, they describe themselves as “proud exploiters of drum sequencing and synth arrangements. Unique, bludgeoning, and ready to crush…” This self release demonstrates that

Proceedings begin with ‘Birthright.’ Five seconds of some of the most metallic feedback before a Melvins/Godflesh riff and a drum sound that feels like you’re being hit with a mallet. Vocalist David puts you in mind of Justin Broadrick, Filth era Michael Gira with a smidgen of Tom Fischer. But with an NI accent.

Normally, that would sound horrible but it works perfectly well in this case. Towards the end, there’s a keyboard riff that wouldn’t be out of place on a Burzum record. Brilliant. It’s also the shortest song, at 2:44.

‘Blind’ is where things become much slower. Emphasising the riff and vocals, you find yourself headbanging along with clenched fist, feeling the anger. The repetition of the words “you’re blind” is (naturally) aimed at those who do not understand the bigger picture, but it’s quite unsettling to the listener. Makes you feel that you are not trying hard enough in life.

The last two tracks, ‘Leech Beyond’ and ‘Chapel of Hate’ are where the band add a little extra to the mix. The latter track throws in a keyboard line reminiscent of early 90’s house, while the former has a beautiful ambient section, which gives extra weight to the onslaught (it’s no suprise that the band cite Aphex Twin as an influence as well).

The only criticism I have is that the bass isn’t as high in the mix as I’d like it to be. Lots of bottom end add extra weight, as Godflesh fans know all too well.

A while ago, I described ‘Dis-Ease’ as “…the sound of three kids living in the arsehole of nowhere, discovering the likes of Godflesh, Swans and realizing that there’s more to life than looking up porn” and I stand by this. Yes, their influences are obvious for all to hear. But they make an exciting racket.

Long live kids picking up instruments.

-Christopher Owens ::: 26/03/12

  1. Sounds like it might be up my jute street. Any links to Soundcloud or youtube malarky?

  2. Thanks for all the support.

    For anyone who’s interested, the EP is now available for free download at

    Hope you all enjoy it.

  3. […] band won plaudits here for their last demo, as well as their live show a few years back. This one is equally […]

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