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Ester Segarra

● Are live photos 'fake' now?
● How to get the perfect band pic
● Snapping Burzum, Mesuggah, Watain

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The Metal Insight Podcast #

Abaddon Incarnate kill Russia, South America

Band are tearing up Russia

When some Irish bands hit the road, they hit it hard. Long time veterans of the deathgrind scene Abaddon Incarnate have returned from some gruelling trips – and they tell Metalireland all about it in this latest podcast.

They’ve been flattening audiences in South America and Russia over the last two years, and they’ve plenty of tales of gigging beyond the reach of the average metal band. Lorcan Archer hears the war stories for a special extended podcast.

We’ve also got an interview with an upcoming new band who’re ready to pummel you with their Sepultura influenced heaviness – Three Hour Ceasefire really have put together a great new release, so we’ve given them some space to talk about it. Quality stuff!

All the usual tracks and curios as well. Enjoy – we’ll have another podcast in August after the summer break.

  1. I haven’t listened to this yet, I presume Johnny’s locked though.

  2. Hug Scully MOFO Says:

    the new borknagar is ace.

  3. Ever lurker Says:

    Doesn’t seem to be too locked, you do hear a tinny get cracked open at least once though, hehe.

  4. […] Listen here […]

  5. Eoin McLove Says:

    Kill the tunes behind the interviews!!!!!

  6. mazzy maz Says:

    Apologies for that spam comment above, seems to have been generated automatically by a wordpress blog I was fluting about with earlier. Load of bollix.

    Anyway, thanks for including us, appreciate the support.

  7. heissenberg Says:

    What was the tune at the very start of the podcast?

  8. mazzy maz Says:

    It’s Fortress from Spell Of Retribution by The Chasm. Unreal album.

  9. heissenberg Says:

    Cheers bro

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