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Album Of The Month July 2012
Klone | ‘The Eye Of The Needle’

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times – and now more than ever, it’s true. As a format for the quality composition and subsequent enjoyment of music, the humble EP rules.

This time the plaudits go to french band Klone – and band who, far from the madding crowd, are creating some of the coolest future-metal going.

This isn’t said lightly. If it’s any recommendation to pick up this little gem, I’ve spent literally countless hours replaying and replaying these three tracks. They are superb.

Klone have the kind of sound that a few years ago I would have said was Swiss. Sort of like Knut or Nostromo as a base register, with that added inventiveness that comes from, let’s face it, being metallically isolated.

Yet Klone aren’t Swiss. They’re French. And if they keep on making music of this quality, they could be the next Gojira.

It’s a class thing. Klone’s pieces are just so effortless sounding, so heavy, otherworldly, melodically satisfying and so clearly the product of a band of vision – they just have class, in abundance.

‘In The Eye Of The Needle Pt 1’ will recall to many listeners the vocal style of Porcupine Tree’s Stephen Wilson, and of course there’s a small musical debt there too.

More often though one’s reminded of other hidden gem bands to whom no proper attention is ever given – the likes of Lunatic Soul, Frantic Bleep, Marillion and Mindrot all leap out. Through the prism of Neurosis and the Gathering, that is.

Part II of the track sequence has pretty much everything an atmos-metaller could want. The slightly plaintive quality of best ‘Tree, the chorus bounce of better Tool, and a sense of almost ‘Ghost Reveries’ Opeth in there too, through that well applied hammond organ. Now dont get me wrong – it doesnt sound like them. It just has the same creative flourishes.

Klone are their own band – delightfully, heavily, brilliantly so. Creativity literally explodes out of this album – and this music is the sound of a band who can barely contain their ideas.

Three perfectly crafted and executed tracks that straddle everything from Gojira to Porcupine Tree, with the weight of a Meshuggah and the invention of Madder Mortem – what on earth is not to like?

Find it immediately – it’s a total gem, if for those understated and emotive vocals alone. You’ll here few records as artistically assured this year.

4.6 / 5 – Earl Grey ::: 15/07/12

  1. this sounds great, definitely picking it up. There’s a real Tool / Frantic Bleep vibe going on, “The Sense Apparatus” is one of those spectacularly underrated albums. A whole record of this could be deadly.

  2. Chris Polin Says:

    Between porcupine tree and gojira, that’s a pretty unstoppable combination, will be checking this out!

  3. Klone are an awesome band and everyone should get “all seeing eye”

  4. This is real good! France……arguably the best metal scene in europe at the minute?

  5. No.

  6. Indeed – France is, was and ever will be the poor cousin.

    Klone however rule.

  7. Their previous LP “Black Days” is absolutely fantastic too. Not a bad track on the thing. Also, if you’re into this, you’d be missing out if you didn’t checkout the now-defunct “Om Mani”. Also french, also great.

  8. caomhaoin Says:

    Jaysus that is good.

  9. Christopher Says:

    The Eye of Needle, live. enjoy

  10. Eoin McLove Says:

    Wow, that is a really cool song. Great to see the art of interesting video making is not a thing of the past too.

  11. Chris Polin Says:

    That is unbelievable, will be grabbing this for sure.

  12. […] proggy, modernist and I know we’ve had a lot of that lately, not least with the superb Klone album last month – we’ll be back to spuds and porridge before long. Just give this a […]

  13. Holy shit. Proper impressed.
    Thanks for introducing us to ’em!

  14. […] Their last release, ‘The Dreamer’s Hideaway’ was some very fine work, and the previous ‘The Eye of Needle’ EP was just as good. […]

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